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When a HERO decides to have a baby, they decide its name, sex, and class.
The game then makes a new level 2 player of that name, sex, and class with
the same password as your player. The bloodline module simply tracks this.
The father is marked as having this new son and the son is marked as having
that father. To start the creation process type bloodline create, and then
follow the instructions.

When you have a son or daughter and you do not belong to a bloodline, you
start a new one. The game then asks what bloodline name type you will use.
This will contain your name and it will be a simple 1, 2 or 3 menu:

Starting a new bloodline with a mage daughter named Molokia !!
Select the name of your bloodline:
1) house Vryce
2) the house of Vryce
3) the Vryce Bloodline
4) the line of Vryce
5) the Vryce line
6) the Vryce lineage
A) Abort

NOTE Since the name of your bloodline child is echoed throughout the mud,
      do NOT abuse this. The name should be something that would be
      approvable. You may wish to choose a name from the NAMES list ahead
      of time, or you can PRAY to ask if the name you are considering will
      be acceptable. If you create a name that will obviously not be
      approvable (at the discretion of the gods), you WILL be frozen.

Do NOT create a bloodline child with the intent of giving it to someone
whose site has been banned, and who cannot create his or her own

Everyone under this founding player would be known like the following:

Reese of the House of Vryce
Reese of the Vryce Bloodline
Reese of the line of Vryce

NOTE It is a good idea to change the password of the bloodline child
      before giving it to anyone else, or to change your password directly
      after creating a child. This prevents anyone else from knowing your
      password. Of course, if you decide to play your own child, this is
      not needed.

ANOTHER NOTE If you have a GOHOME at the time you create the child, the
              child will inherit that gohome. If you get a gohome later,
              the child does NOT get it for free and will have to pay the
              10 mil to get it. You may want to consider buying a gohome
              before you start your bloodline, so your entire family will
              be able to live there with you!

YET ANOTHER NOTE Your e-mail address will be inherited by the child. You
                  should remind the player you're giving it to to use the
                  EMAIL command to update the e-mail so it's accurate.
                  This can be very important for situations like lost
                  passwords and mudmails to gods.