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Any level 124 that is not a part of a bloodline can start a bloodline by
creating a child. The idea behind bloodlines is that you can only have 2
offspring, (2 children). If either of them reaches level 124 and has a
child, the parent line will continue. If neither of your 2 kids reach
level 124, then the bloodline dies. You can use the DECREE donation item
to remove your child from your bloodline, or to remove yourself from a
bloodline if you are not the creator. See Help "DONATION ITEMS" for
information about the DECREE If your bloodline is successful, and you get
to a point where you have a great great grandchild, you will become known
as a LEGEND HELP LEGEND for more information.

The benefits to a bloodline are many:
- Parents get faster HP and MANA gain, depending on how many generations
  are below them, from 1.2 to 2 times the gain.
- The bloodline gets its own channel to talk on.
- The bloodline can post its own news.
- The bloodline can create its own ABODE to live in and take care of.

PATRIARCH The bloodline's patriarch is the elected leader of the
bloodline. This player could be the creator but in large bloodlines it
may not be. The patriarch is the only player who may create or change
abodes. HELP BLOODLINE ELECTION for more info.

There are a few help files that will help you understand different aspects
of bloodlines:

BLOODLINE          - This file: story and rules about bloodlines
BLOODLINE_CREATE   - How to create a child or start a bloodline
BLOODLINE_PARENT   - Parent incentives and things the parent should know
BLOODLINE_CHILD    - Child incentives and things the child should know

Many players will control their own offspring characters. Many will give
them to friends, clan members or even to strangers.

You can type BLOODLINE <name> to see a player's family tree, or
BLOODLINE <name> ONLINE to show who is online in a player's bloodline. The
person you look up does not have to be currently online. Players who are
currently online will be marked with a *. Female characters are in pink,
and male characters are in blue.

You can ONLY give a character away that has NOT YET REACHED level 26. This
holds true for bloodline children. If your son is played by a friend who no
longer signs on, you may ask for the password if the player has not logged
on in 120 days and has not yet reached level 26.

You can use the DECREE donation item to remove a child from your bloodline,
or a child can use it to remove himself or herself from a bloodline. See
HELP DECREE for more information. The Decree can ONLY be used on your child,
not your grandchild or any later generation. It can only be used once per
donation. You CAN use "BLOODLINE CREATE" to create new children to replace
children you have disowned using the Decree.

You will receive your decree in the mail after donating for it. HOLD the
Decree, and type:

use decree <name>

where <name> is either the child you want to remove, or your own name if
you want to remove yourself. The Decree will disappear when you've used
it. Make sure you know what you're doing!

Do NOT abuse echo with the name of your child. Most heroes have been
through the naming process and should know what is considered appropriate
or not. If you have any doubts, read Help NAMES and/or ask a god or avatar
about a name. Bloodline characters have to go through the same name
approval process as all other characters. Both the parent and the child
character can be frozen for this.