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Easter Festivities

For your entertainment, we've got the traditional holosection quests, a non-hero AutoQuest, as well as a token quest. The holosections and token quest will start on Easter Friday, and the AutoQuest will start on Easter Sunday.

During the token hunt, you can brutally slay the creatures of Medievia and search their bloody, mangled corpses for tokens. Keep track of who's ahead with HOLIDAY BEST. At the end of the hunt, the first 3 names on the HOLIDAY BEST list will be rewarded. The token quest will run from around early morning on Easter Friday to around midnight on Easter Sunday.

As the holosections are particularly challenging, there are three stages of prizes. You can complete the quest three different ways. The more times you complete it, the better your prize will get. (There's only one prize, but it upgrades.)

In order to complete the quests, you'll have to think out of the box. You'll have to try some unconventional commands (sprinkle, for example). Only final completion of the quest will echo globally. Subquest completion will echo only to the zone and to the wilderness nearby to keep spam down.

To start the holiday AutoQuest, grab a scroll from just a few south and west of Medievia City recall. Remember that, unlike the token quest and holosections, the AutoQuest will not start until Sunday.

You can use the SENDEASTER command to send a beautiful Easter lily to anyone in the game. This costs gold, so please keep that in mind while using this command. There is a card available at Medievia Stationers in the market in Med City. You can find directions to the market on the FAQ at recall.

To summarise:

Easter Friday

  • Eggnog will be in the Med and Trellor City fountains.
  • The holosections will be in the game for you to enjoy.
  • The SENDEASTER command will be available.
  • The token quest will start in the early morning.
Easter Sunday
  • The non-hero holiday AQ will be available.
  • The token quest will end around midnight.
The festivities will end at midnight on Sunday, so get hopping, and have a happy Easter!

-The Medievia staff.

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