June 10th, 2020
Faecrab Bounty Special!

It is Faecrab Bounty special time!

  • Faecrabs are worth 40,000 fae each.
  • Killing fae crabs gain you twice the experience during the bounty.
  • Captains get 40,000 to 88,000 gold per crab in their ships treasure chest during the bounty.
  • Killing a faecrab during bounty gains you a special medal.
  • Killing 25 faecrabs during bounty gains you a new medal.
  • Killing 25 faecrabs gains you a new action figure!
  • SCORE shows how many faecrabs you have killed so far.
  • SHIP STATUS shows how many crabs have been killed this outing.
  • Captains that come to dock with 50+ faecrab kills get a medal.
  • GAMEINFO shows the top faecrab killing players so far.
  • The top 20 players at the end of the bounty gains a new medal.
HELP FAECRABS explains this unique feature, including the very important fact that the fae is duplicated to the players in the formation of the player with the killing blow who are in the room. If a fae crab is worth 40,000 fae and 9 players in the formation are in the room, each player gets 40,000 fae. Yes this is a teamwork feature, unique in that everyone also relies on the ship captain who makes good gold for taking everyone. We would think a wise captain would also demand a few full fae orbs on a hand shake deal.
Gratz to the last trading special top players:
Rank     Player  Trading total
01      Immalion 1,187,505,664
02         Nasha 1,084,914,390
03          Yuer 1,080,972,170
04         Kwein 1,008,643,848
05        Kirito 953,782,450
06        Zakris 921,270,382
07         Wyndi 702,334,300
08            Da 697,625,012
09        Zuzoir 673,190,066
10         Moana 672,651,330
11        Merian 600,339,022
12           Kea 592,627,506
13       Quonsie 505,078,318
14         Wenyi 412,223,652
15         Mulan 333,664,624
16         Kyoko 312,111,432
17         Tasia 297,212,124
18           Kwe 277,871,528
19        Kaliko 263,950,014
20          Zuze 238,985,356

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