Any level 124 character that is not a part of a bloodline can start a bloodline by having a child. The idea behind bloodlines is that you can only have 2 offspring (2 children). If either of them reaches level 124 and has a child, your bloodline will continue. If neither of your 2 children reach level 124 then your bloodline dies.

When a hero decides to have a child, they decide its name, sex, and class. The game then creates a new level 2 player with those details and with the same password as your player. We advise that you change your password before creating any character that you intend to give away. The bloodline module simply tracks this. The parent is marked as having this new child, and the child is marked as having that parent.

If you create a child when you are not already part of a bloodline, you will start a new bloodline. The game asks what bloodline name type you will use from these choices:
  • house Vryce
  • the house of Vryce
  • the Vryce Bloodline
  • the Vryce lineage

You can look up bloodline info for players that are on-line or off-line. The information is displayed in the form that you can see at the bottom of this page.

The Bloodline command can be used to talk to everyone online from the same Bloodline. People in the same bloodline can also telepath to each other, whereas non-bloodline related players must enter Medlink to use telepath.

Many players will play at least some of their own bloodline. Many bloodline children will be given away to friends, clannies, or even complete strangers. This has to be done within our rules: you may not give away a character that is above level 20, you may not share a character, and you may not retrieve a bloodline character that you gave away unless the character is still under level 20 and the person you gave it too hasn't logged on for at least 120 days. In the case of the latter, you can request the password.

You only have two chances for your bloodline to continue, but thanks to player demand, we decided to initiate a method called a DECREE to allow a character to disown his or her family. We do not want this to be an easy choice. Read HELP DECREE in the game to find out exact details.

The parent's incentive to be a part of a bloodine:

The deeper a bloodline goes, the more HP and Mana points you will receive when regenerating. When your child sires another generation, you will receive a higher rate of Mana and HP refreshment. A great-grandchild will increase your regeneration rate further, and this will improve for up to five generations. Additionally, you will have your own family in the game that you can chat with on a private bloodline channel, and you can watch them progress and grow up as a parent would in the real world.

Another incentive to create a long bloodline is that anyone who creates a family that contains a great great grandchild will become known as a Legend. This shows up as a flag at the start of the player's name so that everyone can see for themselves. In addition to the quicker rate of regeneration mentioned above, Legend characters have their own discussion channel as well as the ability to write and post Bloodline News.

The child's incentive to be a part of a bloodine:

You get a father or a mother to help you overcome the many difficulties Medievia will throw your way. Hopefully, your parent will send you money if needed, send you equipment, help you with tons of priceless advice, and also be your best friend. As an added incentive, you also receive a boost of one point to your statistics (Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity and Strength) when your character is created.

For more information regarding bloodlines, please visit our Bloodline Feature Page

A Sample Bloodline:

Supirion's Bloodline

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