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Wolfbeetles used to live at the bottom of the ocean and are fae creatures
just like all ocean species. What makes wolfbeetles different from all
other ocean creatures is their recent adaptation to land and the evolution
of their magic abilities. They are the first fae creature that can use
land rae magic! These latest wolfbeetles get stronger the further they are
from the ocean, as if being nearby fae magic has been holding them back.

Every wolfbeetle infestation is coordinated by a giant queen. The queen is
100 yards long and moves very slowly, usually moving inland to get further
from the ocean. The queen eats rae land beast's souls, and for every beast
or player's soul that it digests, it can make a new wolfbeetle worker or

The worker and soldier wolfbeetles look just like large black beetles,
from the size of a large dog to the size of dragon, with the queen being
truly huge with an 80 yard long birthing sac. They work in packs like
wolves, feel connected to the moon like wolves, and work best at night.
Their haunting howling sounds just like our native wolf species.

Workers come in three sizes:
- Small workers attend the queen and are generally fairly harmless.
- Medium sized workers are 'foragers'. These foragers fly over short
distances very fast and are called in to drag incapacitated bodies to the
queen so she can digest their souls. Foragers will attack on sight.
- Large workers are 'defenders' and attempt to defend the area around the
queen. They move fast and have a good sense of smell.

Soldiers are very dangerous. They fly very fast and work in smart swarms.
Soldiers quickly fly to the area that has the most players. The area
around the queen that has the most players will generally attract the
attention of most of the soldiers.

Wolfbeetles are a truly unique species.
- The more players in a room, the more damage wolfbeetles can inflict, and
the more often they try to inflict it. They cannot be easily over-run by
greater numbers.
- The further from land they get the stronger they get.
- They are twice as strong at night.
- They are twice as strong again when the moon's phase is one half or
- They are twice as strong again in a firestorm.
- They are one half as strong in a wasp storm.
- They are one half strong again if they are in a storm from afar.
- Their strength is further halved if in fog.

Their strength is fluid and can change at a moments notice. If they are
far inland it is important to attack them when they are weak, other wise
you are just feeding them souls as you die, thus expanding their numbers.

When the queen swallows you, you are slowly moved down her digestive tract
and almost all of your soul is digested. Eventually you are moved through
and basically pooped out as an undead corpse. You die and bypass the
necromancer taking your soul.

When the queen swallows you while you are not incapacitated, which will
happen a lot when attacking the queen itself, you have a few seconds to
try to walk back out of her mouth and into the wilderness. This takes many
movement points. If you do not move quick enough you will die and get
digested as your soul is harvested.

Defeating wolfbeetle colonies gives players gold and heropoints. The
amount of total gold and heropoints awarded depends on the highest
strength that the colony attained during its life, not on what its current
strength may be. When towns battle for control of islands they typically
fight a few mobfactions: dinosaurs, wolfbeetles, and voroderms.