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Heropoints are gained for doing heroic things. In the beginning, this will
be simple things like:

    - Helping defeat a Lion Den
    - Killing off a Wolf Pack
    - Rescuing a player dragged off by a lion or a wolf
    - Helping kill a Seaslug
    - Killing Wolfbeetle hives
    - Running dragonlairs
    - Participating in herobattles
    - Killing things in the Catacombs

Quickly things will be added:

    - Killing Serpents (you also get serpent points)
    - Protecting a clantown from attack
    - Protecting a clan business from attack
    - Protecting clan-hired MF (mobfaction) workers in their trade runs
    - and so on . . .

There will be dozens of different MF's that do just about everything at
some time, or in some way ... and along with that  will come dozens of
ways to gain hero points. In general you gain hero points for doing things
the DM (Dungeon Master) thinks is heroic. You will gain more points for
doing Medievia V mobfaction-related activites as opposed to Medievia IV
features like the Catacombs, herobattles, dragonlairs, and so on, but the
heropoints gained there will be a nice added benefit for being active.

After a good deal of all of this is implemented, we will force heroes to
gain heropoints to maintain hero status. It will not be much, but every
month the game will require you to gain an as yet to be decided amount of
hero points. If you don't gain enough you lose a level or something.
Clearly it is not all set in stone, but this sort of change IS coming. We
do not want Medievia to be a career in any way, but we do want level 124
heroes to be at least a little active. There will be a lot of this that
will be debated in politics. We do not expect to make this change until
after Med V is done, marketing has taken place and we consistently have
around 800 players online at once instead of the current 400 or so.

Making heroes active is not the main reason behind hero points. The main
reason is simply to be able to sort heroes by their interaction with the
more dynamic parts of the new gameworld.

We cannot say if heropoints will be part of clanrank; there are obviously
a lot of issues there. We do not know when we will get heropoints on the
WWW facts page, but it will be done. We know there will be yet another
interesting TAG for players like MASTER HERO or something. CHAMPION HERO
is currently for herobattle rank. We know the DM will treat a MASTER HERO
differently, just as it will treat dragonhunters differently and more

We know heropoints will be very cool ... and players will have a lot of
fun with a much more dynamic game.