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Islands are owned by towns, with each island usually owned by many towns.
The town that owns the most land controls the island and makes the decisions.
Ownership is gained by killing MOBFACTIONS on the island as it evolves
before a volcano is created. Once a volcano appears ownership is set
which can be seen via ISLAND command. Most of the mobfactions will be

It is important to understand how islands evolve and their phases. The DM
announces on the ADVENTURE channel and the WWW scroll each time an island
changes phase.

1) FORMING: (a few days) An island is created. It starts as just one lava
room jutting out of the surface of the ocean. Every minute or so a new
room appears. The island grows in this way as lava flows form the land
mass. Once formed, islands can be as small as 1,200 rooms or as large as
7,000 rooms, possibly even more. Every island is unique and forms in its
own way and in its own shape. No one can survive on the island in this

2) EVOLVING: (hours) At the start, the island is just one massive mass
of lava. In this phase the lava cools into rocky outcroppings and marsh
areas. Then these areas turn to open grassy plains. Towns can start
killing things now but it will be very hard as there is lava everywhere,
especially at the start. During this phase before the shoreline, any ship
anchored next to the island is attackable.

3) SHORELINE: (hours) This phase does not take long. The edges of the
grassy plain island turns into shoreline. Having a shoreline is key as you
will read below about safe waters.

4) FOREST AND HILLS: (many days) The grassy plains turns into forest
wilderness; barren hilly regions appear; dense forests form.

5) MOUNTAIN: (hours) Rocky mountains appear near the center of the island.

6) RIVERS: (hours) This phase is fast. Rivers form from the center of the
island. This is the phase that gives notice that the competition for the
island is about to be over.

7) NORMAL: (30 days) This phase starts when a dormant volcano appears
and marks the end of competition. The town ownership of the island is set
forever. This is the normal phase when players trade to the island.

8) VOLCANO ERUPTS: (2-3 days) The volcano erupts. Fires and ejected rock
destroy everything the towns and workers built on the island. Pure chaos!

9) SINKING: (1-5 days) Every minute another room of the island sinks into
the ocean until the whole island is gone.

The ISLAND command lists all islands, where they are, and what phase they
are in. The ISLAND command can list individual islands and show the town
ownership percentages.

You cannot fly to an island. You can fly off. The only way to get to an
island is to get a ship anchored at its edge and walk off. You can walk
back onto your ship from the island as well.

When a ship is anchored at an island before the shoreline phase, the ship
is considered in hazardous waters like normal. When a ship is anchored at
an island after a beach has formed, the ship is considered in safe waters.
Note that this means around the first part of the island's development is
more chaotic, as your ship can be attacked when anchored there. The ships
can be attacked on the way, but once they drop anchor at a beach they are
safe, not from the DM or any aggressive serpents, but safe from other
ships attacking.

Death on an island has no wait time and no altar needed. Once you are
undead just walk to the beach of the island that faces the City of Medievia
and PRAY It is thus very important to know where the island is in relation
to the City of Medievia. "SENSE WEATHER" is good for this.

"SENSE MOVEMENT" and "WIZARD EYE" spells are also important for islands,
as they can have DINOSAURS on them.

The town that owns most of the island controls it.
- They can rename the island.
- Eventually they can turn it into a CPK island, but only two CPK islands
  can exist at a time. These islands are special: the DM makes special
  campaigns on them for special equipment and features.
- They can hire workers, transport them to the island, and then have them
  create docks.
- Once docks are created they can hire farmers and miners to make farms
  and mines. Any ship can come to the island and dock at the dock (which
  is in hazardous waters) and buy/sell ship trade goods. Ship trading is
  almost always done between islands and the mainland or islands and other
  islands. The island makes profit during this time which is split amongst
  the town owners according to the percentage of the island each town owns.

The main reasons for islands is townland which will be 1/3 of clanrank.
Islands give the ocean a dynamic, ever-changing feeling. Some special
islands will be made for seadragons, Khrait, Jakob, serpents, etc. These
special islands will not be owned by towns and will feature cool campaigns
and gameplay.

Islands will be implemented in many phases, and it will take a while
before all of their planned features are finished.