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Syntax for the USE command:
        use <item name>
        use <item name> <target>
        use <location>

        use orb         - uses the orb you are holding or wearing
        use wand goblin - uses the wand you are holding at 'goblin'
        use held        - uses the item you are holding, whatever it is

The "use" command is the primary means for a player to elicit
special effect from an item. This item is commonly a staff, wand, or
some other piece of equipment currently being worn.

Staffs produce an area effect, targeting everyone or everything in
the room. Wands are target specific, affecting only a single object or
person. To use a wand, you must specify a target, or a charge will be

Note: Before you can use a staff or wand, you first must be holding it.
      Many objects which can be used as a staff/wand may not have the word
      'staff' or 'wand' in their name; sanctuary orbs, for instance, are
      really staffs.

Also: Some equipment (item type: Magic) can be used, once worn, to create
      a special effect. You could type such things as use helmet, use
      helm, use finger, use held, use ring, etc. to get this effect. These
      items regenerate ("regen") their effects as you wear them. While
      they are regenerating, you cannot remove them. When you use the
      EQUIPMENT EQ command, you will see "Recharging" next to these
      items, along with an estimate of how long until they are fully
      recharged and can be removed.