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Characters who have been purged for inactivity within the last two years
may usually be restored. Bloodline parents may also request the unpurging
of inactive children at or below total level 25, to start playing them
again or give them to another player. Children that have reached level 26
cannot be retrieved and given away. See HELP PASSWORD for details on
retrieiving BLOODLINE children who have not been purged for inactivity.

To request that an inactive character of your own, or an inactive
bloodline child at or below level 25, be unpurged, send an e-mail to with the character name.

Characters purged before the 2007 inactivity purge cannot be restored.
This happened because we switched from 32 to 64 bits, code - data -
operating system - computer. Theoretically this will not happen again.

Don't try to guess your old password in your e-mail. We don't have access
to your password; we can only reset it if you forget it. Never tell anyone
your password, not even a god. If you forget it, follow the instructions
in HELP PASSWORD to get it reset. If you set a joke password sentence or a
fake e-mail on the character, you might not be able to get it back.

Bloodline parents requesting unpurged children must make this request as
the DIRECT PARENT of the child, not as another relative.

Do not e-mail other gods about being unpurged. Vryce does not handle this.
If you receive a NO it means NO Do not pester the gods with repeated
requests! Purged characters will also not be restored based on online
requests (prayers or telepaths). Use e-mail only.

Players purged for disciplinary reasons are a different story:

Please read ANNOUNEC 770 in the game.

We will restore your purged player under the following conditions:
1) You first verify from Vryce that we have your players data and that it
   can be restored.
2) You paypal $50 making sure to state your player
3) You e-mail and do 3 things:
        - Apologize for repeatedly breaking rules and taking up God time,
          not to mention making gods feel terrible having to do it.
        - Agree that we will not wait for you to be frozen a dozen times
          before giving up and purging you next time.
        - Promise to follow all of our rules.
   If the e-mail does not contain these things in your own words then the
   answer is still no. If you are not mature enough to apologize then you
   have learned little since you have been purged.