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If you have lost or forgotten your password, THIS IS THE RIGHT HELP FILE.
Just keep reading.

To change your password while logged in, just type PASSWORD

Change your password often and use new passwords each time. The passwords
in Medievia are one-way encrypted for your security. Gods cannot ever see
them. You MUST use at least one number inside the password but not just
one number at the start or end. The game will tell you if your password is
a valid one.

Use passwords you would remember, but not actual words or other things
evil people could guess.


After level 20 the game makes you enter a statement in case you ever lose
your password. This is important! Make it something we can turn into a
question (examples: My first dog's name was Sally. My mother's aunt's
maiden name was Carlson).

Use something we can turn into a question to verify your identity if you
ever lose your password. If you type something stupid, or something we
can't turn into a question, or a joke, you are risking losing your
character forever if you ever forget the password!


If you forget your password, e-mail the following gods, in the following
order. If you do not hear from the god you e-mailed in a couple of days,
e-mail the next god on the list. Please use e-mail, NOT mudmail.

Vryce (
Soleil (
Selthios (
Calrog (

Include your password verification sentence. If you e-mail, e-mail from the
e-mail address on the character and/or include your password verification

Your reply will come via e-mail, never via mudmail.

Do not have another person e-mail for you. Only you can have your password reset.

Do not try to "guess" your password. The gods listed above can reset your
password but cannot see it. Never tell anyone your password, not even a god.

If you used a joke for your password verification sentence, or your e-mail
is fake, you may not be able to get your character back. Use your real
e-mail; we don't even have the software to spam you if we wanted to.


If you have a bloodline child at or below total level 25 who has not
logged on in 120 days, you may request the password for this character to
play it yourself or give it to someone else. Mudmail or e-mail Soleil or
a 144+ from the DIRECT BLOODLINE PARENT. Specify your playername and
the name and level of the child you are requesting the password for. You
may NOT request the password for a grandchild, niece, uncle, etc. If the
child is above total level 25, you may NOT request the password. See Help
"DONATION ITEMS" for information on using a DECREE to free up the spot.

If the inactive bloodline child has been purged, see Help UNPURGE