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Bloodmoon2 Totem Bearer Rules

The first and most basic rule of the Totem Bearer is simple: STAY ALIVE.
Remember that you are the key to the enemy team's victory. When they're
not beating up on your Avatar, they're going to be coming after you.

The totem you carry has one unusual quality which is usually an advantage:
the one who carries it cannot be affected by any magic. Since you will
usually be the one carrying it, this means that you are pretty much immune
to the machinations of the enemy Avatar. Trumps directed against you
specifically will simply fail. Those affecting your team will mysteriously
avoid affecting you. Note that this is a two-way street: your own Avatar
cannot help you with his trumps any more than the enemy Avatar can kill
you with his.

One thing that can help you stay alive is to pick an ally to be your
guard. If you don't have a guard, you will be placed in a random Arena
room every time you are released from Limbo. If you do have a guard, you
will be placed in the same room as that player. (If your guard is in
Limbo, you will be placed in a random room.) You can select any player on
your side to be your guard. To do so, tell the QG "guard <character name>".
You can change your guard at any time. If you later decide you don't want
a guard, tell the QG "guard" without an argument.

If you have the totem, you are required to be in NPK at all times.
Therefore, if you end up in (for example) the entry room because your
guard happened to be there, you must IMMEDIATELY leave.

When you're not fleeing in panic from the enemy Acolytes, it's your
responsibility to help your Avatar get trumps. At the beginning of the
game, three blank trumps will be dropped in random Arena rooms. Every two
minutes, one more will be dropped. If you run across one of these trumps,
you should immediately find the QG and give it to him. Once the trump is
turned in, it will be credited to your team and your Avatar can make it a
"real" one.

As the Totem Bearer, you are the power source for your team's magic.
Before a trump can be used, it must be charged up. You are the one who
does that charging. To start charging a trump, tell the QG "charge <trump
name>".-Once the trump is fully charged, your Avatar can play it to
benefit your side. (Charged trumps are shown in uppercase on the status
report.) Different trumps take different amounts of time to charge (the
full trump list gives the exact numbers). If you are killed while
charging, or change your mind and start charging a different trump, the
time you have invested is wasted.

If the unthinkable happens "  " you are killed and your totem captured by
the enemy "  " don't despair! You have the same chance to be released from
Limbo as any other player. Once you are, you can join in the effort to
recapture the totem. If YOU are the one who kills the totem-stealer, the
Dark Goddess will be VERY impressed, and your side will be suitably
rewarded. In any event, once the totem is delivered or recaptured it will
be returned to you, and you will be released from Limbo if you're still in

If your totem has been captured, you can still charge up your side's
trumps (even from Limbo), but it will be VERY slow without the totem as a
focus "  " three times as slow as normal.

By the way, don't miss the opportunity to beat up on the enemy Champion if
you get the chance. If you or your Avatar is able to kill him, ALL of your
side's trumps will be charged up!

If things are getting hot and heavy, and you'd really like to get rid of
the totem for awhile "  " you can! You can hand the totem off to any Acolyte
on your side who is not in Limbo by telling the QG "handoff <person>".
Once you tell her this, you will be frozen for 30 seconds and the Acolyte
will be asked if he wants to accept the totem. If he accepts within the
time limit, he will become your side's new Totem Bearer, you will become
an Acolyte, and he will be frozen for 30 seconds. You always stay frozen
for the full 30 seconds whether or not he accepts. If either of you wind
up in Limbo before the handoff is completed, it fails.

There is a penalty for repeated handoffs. For every time the totem has
been successfully handed off, the Bearer will be frozen for 15 seconds
before the totem is offered to the selected Acolyte. Even if the Acolyte
knows that the handoff is being performed, he cannot accept the totem
until he is asked.

tell QuestGod guard <Player>      - Sets your guard to <Player>.
tell QuestGod guard               - Clears your guard.
tell QuestGod charge <Trump Name> - Begins charging <Trump Name>.
tell QuestGod handoff <Player>    - Will attempt to handoff the totem
                                    bearer responsibility
                                    to <player>.