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Please also see RULES and RULES If you are looking at this for CPK
information pay particular attention to RULES b. You are responsible for
knowing the rules Before entering CPK

The Medievia Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on Player Killing

Q: What is player killing?
A: Many of the zones in Medievia allow player killing, either in
part of the zone, or the whole zone. What this means is that a player may
attack other players and kill them. There are two types of player killing
areas. CPK Chaotic Player Killing, and NPK Neutral Player Killing
zones. Each player is warned when they are entering a PK area. In NPK
areas, a line will appear as you walk into a neutral player killing
room. In a CPK area, you will be asked to agree to the terms of CPK before
you are allowed to enter the room. This prevents you from entering a CPK
area on accident.

Q: What are some of the player killing zones?
A: Medievia has many player killing zones that you can enter. You can use
   the ZONEINFO command to list them. Examples:

   zoneinfo list -k npk - lists all zones containing NPK areas
   zoneinfo list -k cpk - lists all zones containing CPK areas

   Note that zones that come up in this list may contain all NPK all CPK
   (rare), only a few rooms of NPK or CPK or a combination of LPK NPK
   and CPK

Q: What is the difference between CPK and NPK areas?
   NPK                                  CPK

   You will not suffer a real death.    You will die just like you would
   You will be transfered from the      with a mob.
   area with 1 hitpoint left.

   You will not lose XP if killed.      You will lose XP if killed by
                                        another player. You may lose a
                                        level. See below for more info.

   You will not gain XP if killing      You will gain XP if you kill
   another player.                      another player.

   You will not lose the gold on        You will lose all gold on you
   you if you are killed.               if you are killed.

   If you are killed, you can not       If you are killed, you can be
   be looted by another player.         looted by another player even
                                        if you were killed by a mob.
                                        This means some of your items
                                        may be taken from you.

   Experience for a mob is greater      Experience for a mob is greater
   than the same mob in non-PK.         than the same mob in non-PK or
                                        NPK areas.

   The rules for NPK are in             The rules for CPK are in
   HELP RULES                         HELP RULES

Q: When can you lose a level if you are killed by a player in CPK
A: If you are cpk'd as a multi-class player or level 124, you may lose a
full level. This is determined by:
   a) If you are a 2nd, 3rd or 4th class player, without ever being a
      hero, and if you are current level 25 or above, you will lose a level.
   b) If you are level 124, or a reclassed player, and if you are over
      level 20, you will lose a level.
If you lose a level, you will be brought back to the very beginning of the
level below you. This means, if you are level 27 and cpk'd, you will need
to do all of level 26 over. It does not matter where in level 27 you were,
at the beginning or only needing 5 experience points until the next, you
will still need to redo all of level 26.

   Note: This will reset all of your MLRs except for dragon points. This
         means experience, leading, trading and eggs will be set to the
         lowest point of the level you need to redo. For instance, if you
         are level 28 and are CPKed, even if you had 1000 egg points, they
         will be set back to 50, which is the minimum for level 27, and
         you will need to reach 150 before you can advance again. You
         wouldn't lose any eggs you happened to be carrying (unless they
         are looted), and your clan would not lose any egg rating.

Q: What items will disappear if I get CPKed?
A: Any BONDED items on your player will be removed permanently from the
game. They cannot be looted by other players, but you will lose them. The
exception to this is items with the NOLOCKER flag. The expectation is that
you will locker bonded items before entering CPK Remember that a player
can loot you, and can take anything he or she wants to, except donation
equipment. Your FREIGHT will also disappear if you die in CPK regardless
of where it is and whether it is HITCHED and regardless of whether you
die to a mob or a player.

Q: What are the ramifications for player killing?
A: Every time you kill a player in a NPK or CPK zone, you get one player
kill added to your PK counter. This is used to restrict your access to
low-level zones and could influence actions against your character in the

Q: What are the rules for player killing?
A: Read Help RULES for all rules regarding pk.

Q: What do I do if I die or get looted?
A: If you get looted or killed, do not complain or whine. You knew what
could happen to you when you entered and accepted the risks.

Q: What is the arena?
A: The arena is a place where players can come duel each other. There are
player killing games often held in the arena by the quest gods which you
can join. Your PK counter does not increase in the arena, except during
a quest set up by the quest gods. The arena is located in the Warrior
Quarter in the City of Medievia.