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Lotto Quest .. Yet another time consumer dreamed up by Omawarisan.

Lotto "quest" is simply a lotto type game. To "play" you simply give
the quest god 75000 coins, e.g., "give 75000 coins <godname>". The lotto
drawing may take place at a later time, or during the current running
of the 'quest'. You DO NOT have to be online to win. All winners will
receive their payoffs via bank transfers. Winning information is
posted to the quest board, which is north of the bank in Medievia.

First you must 'give 75000 coins <god name>' The god will travel to
various MAIN cities in medievia. Just ask the god running it if they
will stop in the zone you're in. Main cities = such zones as Tear,
Derah (good), Med, Trellor, Riverton, Tar Valon, Lyr.. etc.

COMMANDS to telepath the quest god:
pick <x x x> - To pick your numbers. x = any number from 1-8. The
     numbers can be in ANY order, and to win you must match each
     number in the exact order given!
     ie: "pick 3 8 1"
     ie: "pick 2 7 2"
     Note: Numbers can repeat. "  " is a valid choice. Match
     Winings numbers: 2 8 7 .. you pick 7 8 2 .. only "8" matches, so
     this is a single match win.
quick pick - Use this and your numbers will be automatically picked
     for you.
my numbers - shows you numbers you pick. A good way to confirm that
     you picked numbers correctly and that they have been saved.
pot - shows you the current pot amount.

There is a 1:512 chance to win the entire pot.
The way pay offs work:
1-match winners are checked first. Those matching only 1 number get
a percentage of the entire pot, divided by the number of one-match
winners. If the payoff is < 50k, one-match winners will win 50k.
2-match winners go next, same deal, but the pay off is much better.
3-match winners go last. The entire pot is given to any 3 match winner
or if more than 1 winner the pot is split evenly.
Remember, winnings are automatic, you don't have to be online to win.
Winning info is posted to the quest board after the drawing takes

The pot left over after winnings are given out, if any, rolls over to
the next running of lotto. So the pot can potentially grow quite large

More info at:

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