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Sets the identity of your primary, or main, character, so you can be
identified as that character when playing another.

Syntax: primary <character> <password> - sets your primary to <character>
        primary <yourname>             - clears your primary character

Players often have more than one active character; for instance, the
creator of a bloodline may play his or her children or grandchildren, or a
longtime MAGE may have a THIEF character just to see what it's like.

Because Medievia is such a social game, and because in the future of
Medievia V it will be important to know who the longstanding players are,
the PRIMARY command allows you to add the name of your primary, or main,
character to each of your alternate ("alt") characters.

To set your primary character, log on *each* of your alternate characters
and use the PRIMARY command. Enter the primary character's name and
*their* password (not the name and password of the character you're on).

This is optional, and by using "primary <yourname>" you can remove it at
any time.

- Setting your PRIMARY makes the EXPLORE command more useful, HELP
- Setting your PRIMARY means only your primary player has to do the
  channel questionaire about what is allowed.
- Setting your PRIMARY means your friends will know who you are.

Any abuse of this command will result in freezes and or purged players.
All changes are logged, even bad password attempts, and all online gods
are informed of all changes in real time.

When you set your primary, this name along with your current character's
name is shown on communication channels, the WHO command, the PLAYERINFO
command, and so on.

This really helps people know who is who and allows us all to play our
multitude of characters while still being connected to friends--and enemies!