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Damroll is a bonus added to your damage in hand-to-hand combat or when
fighting with a weapon. Every weapon has a "damage dice" which is
represented by 2 numbers in the form x d y. The number x is the AMOUNT
of dice rolled and the number y is the number of sides on the dice rolled.
i.e. a weapon that does 4d5 would mean the game rolls 4 dice, each with
5 sides, to determine the damage done by a single hit by this weapon.
When doing damage to a target with a weapon, you also add in a bonus
known as DAMROLL Each class' damroll is added in differently, reflecting
their abilities in the fighting arts. If a warrior has a damroll of 20,
he would add in the full 20 extra points of damage for each hit he lands.
A thief would also add in their full damroll, just as the warrior does.
Mages and clerics would add in a number between 1 and 20 (1 to full
damroll). Referring again to the 4d5 weapon above, your total damage
would be 4d5+20.