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This file has some suggestions to keep in mind when you are building and
creating mobs.

1. Make sure mobs are not overly modern, and that they fit into the
    theme of the town/area. Mobs should not PLAGIARIZE or reflect
    copyrighted materials. Anything that mirrors real life should be
    subtle and open for use.

2. Mob descriptions should be things you can infer from looking at the
    mob. For example, if you look at something in real life, you can
    generally tell what it looks like and what it is doing. You may also
    notice things like what it smells like. Anything you cannot learn
    from standing in the same room with a mob (remember you are typing
    LOOK mobname to see it) should NOT be included in the description.

     Example of inappropriate mob desc info:

     Goblins are a race of creatures that live under mountains and in dark
     areas. Earlier today, this goblin was seen walking out of his
     mountain cave with the rest of the army. Goblins are fierce and
     tricky when attacked.

     *Note* None of the above can be learned just from looking at this
     mob. Provide clues that give the players hints instead of
     encyclopedic explanations. For example, if you have your goblins in
     dark areas with descriptions that indicate they live there, provide
     the mobs with warlike names (captain, soldier, etc.) the player will
     easily be able to decide where the goblins live and the fact that
     they are an army.

     Examples of appropriate mob desc info:

     The goblin has greenish-brown skin and is covered in a shiny film.
     Its ears come to a sharp point, and its eyes are slits with bloodshot
     orbs hidden within. It is wearing a leather tunic and some ragged