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For mob rules: see Help CTMOB_RULES
For room rules: see Help CTROOM_RULES

General Rules:

1. Read through all of the clantown building help files. You need to know
    the information in these files. This is especially true for Help
    CTMOB_RULES and CTROOM_RULES These are listed in Help CTB_INDEX

2. Do not use the names of any current or prior gods or players. The only
    exception to this is in the clanhall.

3. Sug means Suggestion. These are not denials of a room. The suggestions
    mean the Zone Editor would like this change made, but it is not 100%
    mandatory. If you choose not to take a suggestion, you must use the
    TYPO command to explain exactly why.

4. Do not leave more than 5 rooms that are not ready to be edited.
    There are not going to be any skeleton zones.

5. Do not leave more than five (5) rooms that are not ready to be checked.
    These rooms must be marked "Do not approve" on a line by itself and can
    remain in that state for seven (7) days. If they are left for longer
 than 7 days, you will be fined 200k gold per room. You then have another
    7 days to finish those rooms. If they are still left at "do not
    approve,"-you may be fined up to 5 million gold per room, or the rooms
    may be deleted. ANY "do not approve" room in excess of 5 will be fined
    200k gold, and you will have 7 days to finish them before they are fined
    5 million gold or they are deleted.

6. Use normal punctuation. Do not use characters such as < > >> ? \ / !
    There is no need to have more than one period at the end of the

7. Make sure mobs are not overly modern, and that they fit into the theme
    of the town/area. Clantowns should not PLAGIARIZE or reflect
    copyrighted materials. Anything that mirrors real life should be
    subtle and open for use.

8. Make sure your room descriptions reflect the theme of your town.

9. You should plan out your town on paper first. If you are starting in
    the middle of the project, make sure you know the town well. Towns
    should be 3D, meaning, rooms do not run into each other and should
    fit in a 3D fashion. If you need help moving a room because it does
    not fit, please pray for assistance.

10. Every clantown must have a portal. Portals cannot be changed to another
    roomtype except by a clantown god. If you accidentally make a room a
    portal, and need it changed, pray for assistance.