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Leaves a note for the gods about a typo or error in a room, a mob, an
object, or any other text in the game.

Syntax: typo <message>

Typos are reviewed regularly by the editors, and errors are fixed as soon
as possible. Typos left in clantown rooms are reviewed by the clantown's
builder(s) and by the Zone Editor in charge of editing that town.

The code automatically records what room you are in when you use TYPO as
well as your name. You do not need to specify what room or what zone you're
in, and you do not need to sign your name.

Like any channel, you are responsible for your behavior. Players leaving
obscene or bashing messages in TYPO or spamming with it, can and will be
punished or frozen.

We sincerely appreciate the conscientious work of players in bringing typos
and small errors to our attention with this command, which is why it's
available. Players who make themselves truly helpful by reporting useful
typos and errors may find themselves rewarded.