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To start a clan, read all of the following information and send it all in
an e-mail to Send ALL the requested information in
one e-mail. Send it in the e-mail, never as an attachment; attachments will
not go through. If it's easier for you, you may mudmail to 'realestate'.
Make absolutely sure the e-mail address on your character is correct.

If you need to change the leader of an existing clan, see help LEADERCHANGE

For clanitem submission details, see HELP CLANITEM_SUBMIT

1.  Choose a leader.
     a. The new leader of a clan must be a multi-class player. New
         clanleaders are subject to approval by the gods. Some candidates
         may be denied due to past discipline problems.
     b. The new leader must not have a god level 132 or above, unless
         permission has been granted by the god's manager and Vryce.
     c. The new leader cannot have a different character leading
         another clan. If it is found that the new leader is currently
         leading another clan with another player, both clans may be

2.  Gather together money needed to begin the clan.
     a. The bare minimum you need to create a clan and a clanhall is
         1 billion gold coins.
     b. It is suggested that you have at least 2 billion saved so that
         you can enroll your clan members and pay the 500 million gold
         sistering fee to be in a town.

3.  Think of a name for the clan.
     a. The new name of the clan must be approved by the gods. You should
         have a backup name in mind in case your first choice is denied.
         The name of a clan must fit into a medieval world.
     b. The initials of the clan name, if they spell anything, need to
         spell something that is not cursing or bashing, or modern/game
         slang. Acronyms like "CoVE" and "LoSK" are fine; acronyms like
         "fizz," "face," and "wtf" will be denied.
     c. The name must be original, not the name of an old clan that was
         deleted or disbanded.

4.  Write a description for your clanhall. E-mail your clanhall
     description to
     a. Clanhall descriptions must be at least 4 sentences long. You may
         mention the clan members/leader.
     b. Do not bash or harass any players or gods within the description.
         Do not use curse words.
     c. Make sure you proofread the description before submitting it. It
         is not bound by normal clantown rules, but it still must be
         grammatically correct. If you need someone to proofread it for
         you, you can ask Selthios to take a look at it for
         you. Make sure you let them know that it is for a clanhall and
         just needs to be grammatically correct. If you don't know how to
         write a room that's grammatically correct, read the files in HELP
         GRAMMAR_INDEX or assign this task to someone else in your new
         clan, such as your coleader or a friend.

Your clanhall may be NPK but not Grave NPK or CPK

5.  Clanhall room name, door and exit messages. Make sure this
     information is sent along with the description for your clanhall.
     a. You will need to think of a name for your clanhall.
     b. You will need to think of a door for the clanhall. Some examples
         are portal, gate, and door.
     c. You may want entrance and exit messages for the exits. These
         will not be attached to the clanhall until the hall is moved into a
         1) Exit Messages: What people will see when you leave the room
            you were standing in. You will need two of these. One for what
            people in the "street" will see when you leave the clanhall
            (example a) and one that players in the clanhall will see when
            you move to the street (example b).
            a) You see Mark walk onto the street from his clanhall.
            b) You see Mark leave the clanhall and walk onto the street.
            These must be complete sentences. If you don't know what makes
            a complete sentence, read the files in HELP GRAMMAR_INDEX and
            ask for help.
         2) Entrance Messages: What people will see when you enter the room.
            You will need two of these. One for what people in the clanhall
            will see when you enter it (example a), and another for what
            people in the street see when you enter the hall (example b).
            a) You see Mark stumble into the clanhall.
            b) You see Mark leave the street and enter his clanhall.
            These must be complete sentences (hopefully more interesting
            than the ones above). If you don't know what makes a complete
            sentence, read the files in HELP GRAMMAR_INDEX and ask for help.

6.  Clanhall "look-ats". These are key words that you 'look' at in the
     room that are not shown in the room description.
     a. Make sure these look-ats are grammatically correct. REALLY.
     b. Make sure that you would know to look at the particular item to
         see the look-at. This means it must be mentioned in some way in
         the room description. "A-painting is on the wall." could be in
         the room description and you could write a "look-at" with a key
         word as 'painting.'
     c. Make sure you have at LEAST one keyword for each look-at. More
         than one for the same look-at is fine. Preferred limit is 4
     d. Submit this information at the same time you submit your clanhall
         description, if you want to have look-ats in your hall.

7.  Write a description for your clanhall key. Follow the instructions in
     HELP CLANKEY Do not skip this step.

8.  Write two room descriptions for clanlink. See the rules and steps to
     go about building these rooms in MedLink. These rooms will be added
     after your clan has been created. See the help file CLANLINK for
     extended information on how to build the rooms.

9.  Decide if you are going to join an existing clantown, start your own
     town, or remain townless.
     a. Every clan and clanhall no longer need to be part of a town, but be
         warned that if you choose to remain townless, you will be forfeiting
         clanrank from towngames and townland. You will not be able to make
         money from clan businesses. Read ANN 700 for more information.
     b. If you choose to join an existing town, talk with the leader of the
         clantown's leading clan. Make sure you come to an agreement on
         taxes and other information.
     c. If you choose to start your own town, consult the map at:
         Choose a spot on the map that is not already occupied by a town,
         and inform the realestate department of the TWO DIGIT CODE you want
         (ex: EC not "the one by verigaard keep")

10. Once your clanhall is moved into a clantown, please contact Selthios
     to make sure everything was moved and set correctly. If you have
     started your own clantown and wish to have a mob loaded into your
     clanhall, submit the information in help CTBUILDING_MOBS.
     a. Mob keywords. (How to attack or look at the mob)
     b. Mob short name. (What you see while fighting the mob)
     c. Mob long name. (What you see when in the room with a non-fighting
     d. Mob description. (The description you see when looking at the mob)
     e. Mob class. (Thief/Warrior/Cleric/Mage/Other)
     f. Mob sex. (Male/Female/Neutral)

     If you become a sister to another town, you may have a mob
     automatically load into the room if that town has a mob set already
     in all the clanhalls. There is no way to change this. If you are
     becoming a sister clan, please do not request a mob in your
     clanhall. That is the leading clan's choice whether to load a mob
     into all the clanhalls or none of the clanhalls. There is no
     in between.

11. Once the clan has existed for 180 days (no exceptions), you may have a
     clanitem. Read the instructions in HELP CLANITEM_SUBMIT to submit your
     clanitem. Items sent in without all the required information will be
     rejected. Clanitems will not be created, regardless of the age of the
     clan, if the clan is in violation of any of the rules about the size
     and status of clantowns or any of the deadlines in HELP DEADLINES

We only approve clans when they have well over a dozen players swearing
allegiance to clan and clanleader via email. They must swear that the
enrolled player will be their most active player for the next 3 months
and that they will not leave the clan for 3 months.