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This command can be used to search through all items available for sale in
all clanshops in Medievia. You may either specify an equipment location to
search for or type "catalog watch".

Syntax: catalog <keyword> [<filter terms>]
        catalog * [<filter terms>]
        catalog watch [<filter terms>]

Filter terms let you limit the search based on item type, location, class and
alignment restrictions, and stats. See HELP COMPARE for the appropriate


catalog watch  - locates items in clanshops on your auction watch list
catalog * fing - locates items in clanshops that are wearable on fingers
catalog fire bser - locates backstabbers that have the keyword 'fire'
catalog * good war - locates items usable by warriors of good alignment
catalog scales - locates all items with the keyword 'scales'

An X preceding the line describing the item indicates that you cannot use
the item at your current level, class or alignment.

Note: To search for items using "catalog watch", the watch must be ON
      for those particular items. For instance, Bloodstone equipment
      must be set to YES (via setwatch N) to see any type of Bloodstone
      equipment located in a shop. ANY item that is in catalog watch will
      show up by using "catalog watch" not just one particular area.

If you want to search for one particular area in catalog watch, make sure
all other areas are turned to NO except for the one being searched.

Output is limited to the first 50 items.