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Leading a Dragonlair - by Supirio

Ever want to lead a dragonlair but were hesitant because you were a little fuzzy on the details or afraid of failing? Hopefully this article will give you the confidence to get out there and lead your first successful dragonlair. I will attempt to cover all the basics and more, leaving nothing to the imagination. If you have any further questions please feel free to link me in game and I will help explain to the best of my ability.

The first step before leading a lair would be to acquire some healing staves. Here is a brief list of some useful ones and where they can be found: horn of life (Nae) staff of healing (Nae) red and white staff (Vanlarra) twig (Condemned) broken branch (Condemned) orb of life (Toshi). I would suggest a minimum of five staves for your first lair. You might use some heal charges in the fireball rooms in a long layout lair. Lairs have two different types of layouts, one of which is a little harder and what people refer to as a long layout. You will also want to have a couple orbs of sanctuary to move quicker throughout the lair.

The next step would be to acquire a map. You can get maps from different mob factions or buy one off auction. For your first dragonlair I suggest not to do a paralyze proc dragon (White, Silver, Gold). Different color dragons have different procs and alignments associated with them. Metallic dragons (Silver, Copper, etc) are good alignment while dragons of color (Red, Black, etc) are evil alignment. If you are doing a good aligned dragon having evil tanks with protection from evil help greatly. Ruby dragons are the toughest of all and you should have many regular dragonlair's under your belt before attempting such a dragon. Hold the map, call a dragon, fly map, figure out what clantown is the closest to inform people which portal to enter.

Now that you have all the necessary materials to successfully run a dragonlair it is time to gather the people. First you want to find a leader for the second formation (referred to as a 2.leader). It is good to stay in good communication with your 2.leader throughout the lair as he will be leading the other formation. I suggest getting people with 800 or more hit points for your first lair. If you have two many people below 800 there is a good chance the dragon proc will wipe out many people at once and you will fail to flee the dragon, or worse, flee it but not kill it in time. Once you attack the dragon there is a one hour time limit before the dragon flies off and becomes a stronger, 2.lair dragon. Ask on the immortal channel and the current event channel to gather people for the lair, if there is no interest in a dragonlair hold off and try again later.

Once you have two formations of 9 people you are ready to make your way down to the dragon. All players are unable to sneak in a dragonlair, therefore you want to move as quickly as possible through the rooms in order to skip many of the mobs that are not blockers. If you have a Helm of the High Forest it will help a lot but if not casting farsight will work. Along the way down there are mobs that will block your path that must be killed in order to pass. These mobs include peeling leaches, thought-shifters, boa snakes, water hydra's, baby dragons, and fireshielded mobs (Lavalanches, you will notice the word ground in their title when farsighting). Other important mobs to note are firejag's which can proc and lag an opponent for many consecutive rounds and flame-spirits which can cause fireballs several rooms away. When navigating down to the dragon you want to make sure you stack commands ( e.g: {w;w;n;w;d}) and watch out for cramped rooms (Narrow Tunnels, etc). You will need good communication with your entire dragonlair party, the shout command will work or say if everyone is in the room. You will want to use the MAP command to see which direction will lead to the next level. In long lair layouts when you reach the second lair you want to make sure you get everyones attention and move slowly unformed through the cramped rooms until you get to the 4 way intersection. Many lairs go sour when people jump ahead and die or walk into the wrong rooms so take control of your group and explain to them to move 1 room at a time killing everything in the unformed parts of the lair, it may take a few minutes longer than skipping but will increase the chances of success. When you reach the final hallway with the dragon in it, move your forms one room away, it will go from NPK to LPK.

Now that you have both formations next to the dragon you will want to keep one staff for yourself and pass the other four to others. Instruct them to plague the dragon, once plagued pound, and to use a staff once after the dragon procs. If all goes correctly you should have about 4 heal charges going off after a proc to bring everyones hit points back to a survivable level. Have everyone spell up and get as much hit points as possible since lots of mana won't be useful if they die to fast. Before engaging the dragon you will need to share the hide, the way to do this is type 'dragonlair attack' followed by 'dragonlair < 2.leader name>'. Now that hides are shared orb, scan to make sure the dragon is not fireshielded, rouse all and engage the dragon. If all goes well the dragon will flee up. Once the dragon flees he will drop some gold coins, since you are the leader get the gold usually around 6mil average. This is what you can use in the future to buy all your staves to ensure more successful dragon runs. Push the dragon up three times, make sure your form has good hp before pushing in case it procs you don't want everyone dying, its easier to xheal first then res after. Ruby dragons do not proc in the wilderness however all other dragons do, therefore you need to have staves ready once again, once it hits grevious condition it will flee to the nearest clantown. Announce on immortal or current event channel where the dragon is fleeing so people will come to help ice the dragon and gain their valuable dragonpoints.

The final step is to kill the dragon in the clantown. The dragon always flees to the exit of the clantown first, if your inside the clantown you can guide exit to find out where it is or if outside stay one room away from the exit. The dragon can be replagued at this point and pound until it flees, resurrect form members after each pass heal up, search for the dragon (it only flees to outdoor rooms), and continue this until it is dead. If the clantown only has one outside room (Such as Clantown 74), the dragon will not flee, this is a good clantown to flee and use bloodbath to keep the formation hit points up while fighting after each ten deaths. After it is dead make sure people 'get hide corpse' and request your staves back if any have charges left. This is also a good time to give a portion of the dragon money to your 2.leader for helping out. Hopefully I will see some new faces leading lairs, if you have any questions about this article please link me in the game I will be glad to help you to the best of my ability.

December 29, 2006

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