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The Trade that Wasn’t Meant to Be - by Rainfox

After spending a good deal of time retrieving eggs from the depths of the Catacombs, Rainfox decided that it was high time to replenish his bank account. A dragon was summoned, and after probing the markets he decided to deliver Opals from Sea’s End to E’nat’dae for an expected haul of nearly four million gold coins.

After a quick stop at a nearby clantown, Rainfox purchased his freight and set off on the seemingly desolate roads in the ever dangerous southern region of Medievia.

However, shortly after departure the sky grew dark and a terrifying lightening storm erupted. Sounds of a haunted forest emerged nearby from the north, as Rainfox quickly shielded the area around his wagon and pleaded for help from his town. Jathael steped up, and after a few tense minutes he appeared through a shimmering rift. The battle to clear the road began, and things looked to be going well, until Jathael accidentally got caught up in the heart of the forest and perished. However, Dima quickly joined at the battle site, and after Jathael was restored to life, the battle resumed.

At the same time, not too far off the nearby coast one of the town’s ships engaged a Khrait vessel. The sounds of the battle were clearly audible from the forest, and after the trees were disposed of, Dima and Jathael set off to assist on the ship leaving Rainfox to resume his trade run. He did not get far before another haunted forest blocked his path, but with the assistance of Ghost Riders he managed to clear his path.

The ire of the Gods was not over yet, however as a Crystal Spider’s cave appeared mere paces from the blood-drenched battle site.

Because his town was still engaged in Naval Battle, Rainfox called out for the assistance of the heroes of Medievia, and a hero responded. Rainfox himself was not around for the battle, as a renegade Green Dragon pursued and annihilated him before he could summon a friendly dragon for assistance.

When he was restored to life, the spider’s nest had been eliminated and Rainfox took the reins of his mount once more, hoping to put some distance between himself and Sea’s End, but he was delayed once more with the appearance of a third haunted forest.

Slowly but surely, he picked off the trees one by one, and towards the end of the battle the town’s ship had returned to the harbor, and several people assisted in eliminating the remaining trees in swift fashion.

Just as they made their departure, Rainfox moaned; ‘Oh for V’s sakes, hell!’

‘You’re never coming on any of my trades, Rain,’ Jathael laughed, as an overwhelming sense of evil whisked him off to Fire Demon’s Hell.

As always, Hell had a way of uniting players from all different clans towards a common goal: Defeating the towering demons that resided in the heat. Loaded up with orbs of fire, recovered from the corpses of slain demons, Rainfox cast a number of protective spells and set out to resume his run.

Alas, it was not to be as a fourth haunted forest appeared around him and his freight. Sapped of mana from previous casting, he had no means to protect his precious cargo from the destructive trees.

The wagon was crushed beyond repair, and its contents lost for good, and thus, within sight of Sea’s End - where he had left two hours earlier – the trade run had been arrested permanently.

Cursing profusely, Rainfox cast Word of Recall and entered the portal, heading back to the City of Medievia, left wondering what he had done to offend the gods to be cursed with such horrible luck. After bidding his town goodbye, he retired to his hotel room in the City, to rest up for another attempt on another day, in pursuit of the treasures of the trade.

December 29, 2006

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