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How to Get Your Multi in Twenty Days - by Ehaveth

Medievia is an adventure that, quite literally, never ends. Even when you hero, there's still a world of things to do. But to get to the ranks of hero, you still have to get past 4 classes. This is a story of the adventure that your first class is, and how to speed it up a little on the way.

Today should be a day of getting to know the Medievian world. Look around the City of Medievia. See what you will see thousands of times again. Try buying something delicous from the wine shop. Just relax and enjoy the game. Don't worry about how big Medievia is, and don't worry about taking an adventurous trade run or gaining levels. Just play it cool.

Today will most likely be the day where you gain the most levels you possibly can in one day, without making your day completely in Medievia. Go to the very main point of the City of Medievia. To begin your wonderous Medievian adventure, enter your guild from recall. Type practice to find what you can learn to aid you. Simply read what sounds interesting. Always use Medievia's helpful data. Recall again and get ready to kill! I suggest you go south, until you find a commoner. Kill him with your bare hands, or spill his blood by casting a spell on him.He should be rather easy to kill.

Then examine the corpse and take what suits you from it. Continue this slaughter until you reach level 8 or 9. Recall once more and enter the magical section of the City of Medievia known as The Mages' Quarter. You need only enter into the section from the square, for there is a useful portal there that will transport you to any section of the city. Find the gate to the Forbidden Forest. Now prepare to start your very first Medievian adventure! Kill whatever you can find in there, and you should emerge at around level twelve. If you have real patience, do all your kills at the same time. The monsters will quickly fall to the ground, lifeless, in no time at all. The monsters will not be found again in the zone for a short while if you kill them all.

When this happens, recall, and take a glance at the FAQ at recall. Go to the donation room, and figure out what you want to use. If you are a mage or cleric, the arts of magic are your weapon, so get equipment that will raise mainly your mana, and also your hp. If you are a warrior or thief, the way of combat with weapons is your main focus, so you should get equipment that raises your hitroll, or accuracy, and your damroll, or extra damage. If you are a thief or warrior, you may want a weapon even before you get the rest of your equipment. Thieves should use a dagger to spill their victims' blood, while warriors can use anything they may wish while still having decent damage done to their foe. Pick up some scrolls of identify from the store or from dead locals to identify the equipment in the donation room. Enter once more into the forest and gain more experience.

Do the same as yesterday. Try starting a form in the New Adventurers' Guild.

Pretty much the same, but now try exploring in the wilderness around the city. You may even want to take a lesiurely adventure in one of the very far off cities that the magic cloud takes you to. If you want to get to the magic cloud, just take a fun climb up the large tree next to the city. Recall when your day is done.

Now you probably have reached level 15 to the upper teens. It's time to start looking for a clan. Clans recruit people differently, looking for different requirements that you have fufilled. If someone you've never seen before wants to see you in Medlink, ninety-nine percent of the time it's a clan offer. Feel free to ask them what their clan's focuses and achievements are. Don't worry about seeming like a newbie. Just ask away about what you want to know. If you think a certain clan won't help the adventure you're going on, find one more fitting. Most clans will be instant friends with whoever joins them, no matter how new they are. Just don't join one if you think there will be some large differences between you and the rest of the clan. Trust me, you'll be dodging a bullet. There's plenty more fish in the sea.

If you haven't found a clan already, look for adventures in sore need of xp in the New Adventurers' Guild, and later look for more clans. If you have, then have some fun adventures with everyone. Ask if they want to level, have a trade run, towngame, or other things involving a large group of people.

Now you should be around level 18-20. If you aren't, don't worry, just form with other people looking for an adventure. You may even find some forms that will accept you that are for the levels that need many millions of xp. Level with people, and always change what you're doing if your adventure stops being new.

Now you're most likely level 20 or 21. Seize every opportunity to go on an adventure to become more experienced in the ways of your class. Millions upon millions of xp may seem like a lot, but they fly by entirely too fast, and you wish you'll wish you could have had that little amount of experience to learn again.

Simply gain experience for your class. Gain, gain, gain. But have fun, and even lead some forms. You may find it frightening having all sorts of different types of spiders jumping out at you or Dryads pounding you with shockwaves, but you'll get the hang of it. Just ask what clan town, or ct, the zone is nearest to, and don't let anyone make you feel like a newbie.

Now you're almost ready to multiclass. Ask some friends in your clan to help you get the eggs you need to be reborn into your next class. You can buy them, help the war and kill monsters in the catacombs, then getting the eggs from them, or maybe, if they're really nice, even borrow them. Whatever way it is, get them, so you can continue your adventure.

Today's your last day as a single-class character. The first page of the endless book that Medievia is has been wrote for you. Congradulations on your new class!

December 29, 2006

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