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Foreword for December 29th, 2006 Edition

Things change.

That wacky thing known to Medievians as Real Life has caused Excrucior much in the way of hassle. A change of employment - to something that actually pays - has led to far less time to work on the Mudslinger. That started about two RL years ago.

Things change.

A little introspection has infiltrated what passes for Excrucior's mind, and it would be fair to say that he's cutting down on his working week in order to have a bit of a life, get the Mudslinger articles edited in good time, and hopefully to work on the second book of his series (it's written, but needs major revising). Well, that and his other side projects...

In effect, Excrucior is taking a pay cut in order to get the job done properly. However, he's not the one who writes the Mudslinger - that's the good people of Medievia. That's you. More articles would be absolutely scrummy!

Without further ado, here's the contents of this latest edition to give you a little inspiration...


Bberke tells us how to captain a ship.

Continuing the nautical theme, Tonks provides his Serpent Hunting guide.

Supirio grants us his knowledge of leading Dragon Lairs.

Ehaveth instructs on how to Multi in 20 days.

Feel like Roleplaying? Gims has advice.


Rhynok gives us the tale of Genevieve, a young lady who discovers that cautionary tales are sometimes told too late.

Noelio put quill to vellum to get give us a taste of what happened to create Elnissa's Fortress as we know it today.

What's on the other side of a Looking Glass? Tiexie tells the tale.

Vianni tells of a trade gone badly in Money Talks, but Sometimes it Talks of Death.

Rainfox talks of the Trade that was not meant to be.


Mycila fancies bardhood with a charming rendition of Serpen' Surfari.


The MudSlinger Team

December 29, 2006

News and Features

~ by The Mudslinger Staff

Bberke's Guide to Floating on the Sea (without sinking)
~ by Bberke

Fighting Serpents
~ by Tonks

Leading a Dragonlair
~ by Supirio

How to Get Your Multi in Twenty Days
~ by Ehaveth

A Guide to Role-play
~ by Gims


~ by Rhynok

~ by Noelio

Through the Looking Glass
~ by Tiexie

Money Talks, and Sometimes it Talks of Death
~ by Vianni

The Trade that wasn’t Meant to Be
~ by Rainfox

Poetry and Songs

Serpen' Safari
~ by Mycila

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