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Tips for Gaining Your Dragon Point MLR - by Florette

Dragon points are my favorite MLR. Here are a few things that have helped me and that you can do and remember that will make it a bit easier to get this MLR done.
1. Don't wait until last class to start nabbing dragon points! Unless you saved cleric for last class, you can start going for them when dragons flee to clantowns as soon as you are at a level where you can phase. Starting early will save you a lot of trouble later on. The good thing about dragon points is that they carry forward when you multiclass.
2. Pay attention to current event channel and echolog! This is a very easy way to see if a lair is in progress. The current event channel often has lair leaders either asking for people to lair or they will let you know what clantown the dragon might flee too. Echolog will show you if a dragon has fled and the name of the clantown where it's heading. You can type celog and echolog to read those.
3. When you arrive at the clantown where the dragon is fleeing, please pay attention to shouts. The lair leaders normally shout for you to phase them. If no one is on where, that means they are probably still at the wilderness spot where the dragon fled and will be there soon.
4. Pay attention to weather. If you are indoors do not fireball! If you are in a rain or lightning storm, you should use spells such as lightning bolt or call lightning.
5. Any damage you do to dragon will give you dragon points. I typically use harm or hammer if dragon is opposite aligned from me, or if I have mage spells, frost shard and shockwave, dependent upon my level and ability to cast. I don't use room spells such as tremor or acid blast. I've seen people die doing that in high-level clantowns to the mobs that were in the room. It's much easier and safer to target the dragon.
6. There's a good chance you will die to the dragon. The lair forms normally res everyone they can. Please do not lose link and do not rep unless you are asked to. Death by dragon is only a minute and it's often faster to find the altar and res normally if there are a lot of deaths. Also, never bloodbath. The lair leader will do this after everyone has revived.

June 10, 2006

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