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How to Become a Better "Hero" in Twelve Days - by Tiexie

Day 1: Phase the newbie who has lost his way in the castle and show him how to get to the war room, to turn in the amazing three eggs he looted all by himself.

Day 2:  Say 'thank you Soleil,' when our Goddess of sunshine drops her coveted day-brightening gifts.

Day 3:  Thank a Quest god, WOM or AQ writer for making your Medievian experience more enjoyable.

Day 4: Hold your tongue when the 'bad guys' bank your run, pk your bloodline or prove to you that IQ is not necessarily age-appropriate. (Some of us need this more than others.)

Day 5: Show a newbie something cool about Medievia City, like where to find romantic roses, or the location of the water weird.

Day 6: Do something completely against your characters nature. Example: Spend some time in the catacombs or go on a CPK trade run.

Day 7: Send Vryce an email with the subject line as "thank you," and detail one recently added change that you like.

Editor's Note: Make sure to add the word 'MEDIEVIA' in the subject line!

Day 8: Be nice to someone you don't like. Not only will you feel better about yourself, their response is its own source of amusement.

Day 9: Play the game from a Telnet prompt and learn to appreciate your mudding client with all of its scripting capabilities.

Day 10: Treat everyone else as you treat your friends. Sell eggs and goods for a cheaper price.

Day 11: Be an individual. Avoid the usage of words like 'sandbagger' and 'soilhogger'. Learn that being different is okay.

Day 12: Smile, it increases your face value!  Remember, Medievia is a game and games are meant to be fun. So lighten up and enjoy your game play.

June 10, 2006

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