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Dragon Fight - by Demiki

Out in the wilderness
Carrying my gold.
I saw a dragon land near me
One not young, but old.
I looked to the heavens
And prayed with all my might
That a creature, a dragon
Would come and would fight
Away from the dragon I started to run
For it was closing in one me, and that's no fun
When I heard a huge crash from behind
And I turned to see
That my plea was answered
Now it's dragon versus dragon,
Not dragon versus me
I watched in suspense
As the dragons gave it their all
And I knew in my heart
That one was about to fall
As the corpse hit the ground
The one that lived looked dead at me
Gave me a nod, then grabbed the corpse's head
And ripped it off, and flew towards the sea.

June 10, 2006

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