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Usage       : cast channel
Accumulative: No
Duration    : Instantaneous
Level       : 25, current class mage or cleric only.
Mana Usage  : 40

The caster of this spell will drain 10% of the mana of each formation member.
If 10% of the forms mana is greater than the caster's max mana, the amount
taken from each player is reduced proportionally. No mana will be lost; it will
merely be redirected to the caster. Sometimes, the resulting mana may be off by
one or two mana due to the delicate energies at work.

For example: Camille the mage has 1000 mana. She is formed with four friends
Bob, Joe, Steve, and Utoro. During a fight, Camille is running low on mana, so
with 140 mana left she casts CHANNEL When she casts the spell, she drops to
100 mana. At that moment, Bob and Joe both have 400 mana, Steve has 100 mana,
and Utoro has 800 mana for a total of 1700 mana in the form. Camille receives
10% of Bob and Joe's mana, 40+40=80, 10% of Steve's mana (10) and 10% of
Utoro's mana (80) for a total of 170 mana. In addition to the 100 she had prior
to casting the spell she will have 270 mana.