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    ship raise <battle/full>
    ship lower <battle/furled>

Rigging options:
    Full   - fastest
    Battle - slower than full sails
    Furled - completely lowered

    ship raise battle - raises sails to battle rigging
    ship lower furled - lowers sails completely

Raising the sails is one of the first goals in getting underway onboard a
ship. It is also one of the most physically challenging. Each ship requires
multiple players to raise the sails in unison. The number of players required
varies depending on the "SHIP CLASS" and the size of the sails.

To raise the sails, all players must be standing out on the yards on opposite
sides and must all raise together. There are two rigging states to which you
can raise/lower the sails.

Battle sails are set when a slower speed is required or when in battle.
Full sails are faster than battle sails and are used when high speeds are

The same procedure is followed for lowering the sails. Furled sails are
completely lowered against the yards.

As with many ship tasks, moving, casting spells, or other disruptive activites
will cause you to stop trying to raise the sails.