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Navigating a ship can prove to be a daunting task. The best way to become a
skilled ship captain is observation and practice. Although the best way to
learn is by experience, a few common tasks are listed here.

Begin preparing your ship before you move it. If you are going into PK waters,
make sure your guns are loaded and ready. Your crew will need to be informed
of the planned activities (fishing, trading, battle, etc). A map of the PK
waters can be found at:
This map is subject to change as ships mature and new features are added.

You will need multiple crew members to sail a ship. Raising the sails requires
at least two people on any ship, and most take more than just two. The sails
are not the only concern, however. Mobfactions and dangerous sea conditions
require you to have a trustworthy crew any time you venture onto the sea.

To begin sailing, the anchor must be weighed (raised) and the sails must
be raised. For more information, see "SHIP ANCHOR" and "SHIP SAILS"

Monitoring the wind direction is critical when sailing. You cannot sail into
the wind as sails are powered by the wind direction. To get a point that is
into the wind, you must tack back and forth in a zig-zag pattern. This way,
the wind will stay in the sails, propelling you onward.

To change course, use the "SHIP COURSE" command. See the related help file for
more information on changing course. The course is always relative to your
current heading, with negative values being to port (left) and positive being
to starboard (right).

Ships will always move the to RIGHT on the map. The world is rotated around
the current heading to make course changes easier. It is possible to collide
with ships in unsafe waters, so be sure to keep a clear path in mind when
changing course. It is also possible to go off the 2000x2000 map. Those that
do this will find no help in returning to the map and will also encounter
nasty critters that are more dangerous than the worst serpents.

The fastest of ships can move 400 rooms per hour, so plan your time
accordingly. Changes in speed can only occur by changes in sail configuration
and ship spells that affect speed. Different ship types also have different
sailing and turning speeds.

You may drop your anchor anywhere to come to a stop. Dropping your anchor
while traveling at a high speed does not yet damage your ship, although
this will happen soon. Although some repairs can be made at sea, you must
return to a dock to fully repair all damages your ship has sustained. Docks
can be found throughout the land, especially close to trade posts. To be
docked, you must be anchored directly beside one.
Note: Docks will soon be run by workers and mobfactions and will charge
      for their services.