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This is a free-for-all quest which utilises multiple arenas based on player
numbers, a growth cycle of herbs to hand into the Quest God and various spells
to use (listed below).

Players will gain spells based on the herbs they hand in and they will gain
points based on their kills. There is a small fee for re-enrolling in this
quest. Be warned that once you enroll you will be thrown straight into the

When you find the various herbs (Mint, Thyme, Parsley and Lemon) around the
arena, you need to give them to the Quest God. Ushas is the goddess of the
dawn, and also symbolizes life and birth. Her favoured herb is Parsley. Mitra
is the god of the day, and also represents warmth and growth and his favoured
herb is Thyme. Ratri is the goddess of the night, and also the patron of
thieves and robbers. Her favoured  herb is Mint. Lemon is the favoured herb
of the Quest God and will give a bonus to all players. The favour of Ushas,
Ratri and Mitra has an effect on play or could effect the outcome of spells.

Usage: "give sprig <QuestGod>"

Players will be awarded Quest Points based on the number of foes they slay,
as well as a bonus item for participating. The player with the highest score
will also receive an item based on which of the above gods has the most favour.


Usage: tell <Quest God> <spell> [optional target]

Some spells have a chance to fail or cause other effects when cast if the
conditions are not correct. Once you have gained a spell you will then gain
the next spell in order, unless you have already passed through gaining all
spells and then you will gain whichever spell you do not currently have in
order. e.g. If you have gained all spells and then "gain" another spell (and
you have used your heal spell) then you would gain heal once again, and if
you kept only using this spell then you would re-gain it each new time rather
than the next spell.

inferno <target>   - calls down an inferno against your target
plague <target>    - calls down a plague against your target
summon <target>    - summons your target to you
smite <target>     - smites your target
heal               - heals you and then heals you again
fortify            - casts sanctuary and heal on you
command <target>   - attempts to command a player to die
empower            - gives some items of benefit
lag <target>       - binds your target in place
wrath              - attempts to bring down a godly wrath on all other players
ruin               - attempts to bring down ruin on all other players
wither             - stops the growth of further herbs for a while
protection         - provides a limited ability to deflect some spells

Telepath commands:

tell <Quest God> spells       - shows you if you have any spells
tell <Quest God> score        - scores you your score
tell <Quest God> help         - directs you to the help information
tell <Quest God> remove me    - removes you from the quest

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