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Bloodmoon2 Order Trumps

All the Order trumps are listed here. As mentioned in the Avatar rules,
all trumps are affected by proficiency in one of three ways:
success/failure, the strength of the effect, or the duration of the
effect. The maximum strength and duration is given for each applicable
trump. The charge times for the trumps are also given.

If you have a 100% proficiency score, it doesn't mean that a
success/failure trump will always work. The 100% proficiency just means
that you have the best possible chance of making it work. The chances
given below for the success/failure trumps will apply when you have 100%
proficiency. If you have less proficiency, the trumps will work less

Ascendance - No enemies can be released from Limbo except by trumps, for a
             period of time dependent upon proficiency.
             Charge Time: 120 seconds   Maximum Duration: 60 seconds

Empathy    - Links the soul of an ally with the soul of an enemy. If
             either player dies, the other player dies as well and the
             empathic bond is broken. If one of the linked players is
             murdered by a teammate, the bond is broken without killing
             the other player.
             Charge Time: 60 seconds    Success Chance: 50%

Escalation - Forms a vortex of power which builds rapidly. Every 10
             seconds, one Acolyte from each side will be transferred into
             the Vortex. Acolytes can be taken from either the Arena or
             Limbo, but each Acolyte can only participate in the
             Escalation once. If, at any time, one side completely
             controls the Vortex they win a victory point and the
             Escalation is over. The power of the Vortex prevents any
             trumps from affecting the Acolytes within it.
             Charge Time: 120 seconds   Success Chance: 50%

Fortitude  - The specified Acolyte will be restored every 5 seconds, for a
             period of time dependent upon proficiency.
             Charge Time: 80 seconds    Maximum Duration: 60 seconds

Heal       - Gives hit points back to the specified player.
             Charge Time: 20 seconds    Maximum Effect: 500 hp

Life       - Gives hit points back to everyone on your side.
             Charge Time: 60 seconds    Maximum Effect: 300 hp (each ally)

Negation   - Can negate any other trump. This trump is played differently
             than the other ones. To use it, you must tell the QG the name
             of the trump to negate BEFORE it is actually played. To do
             this, tell the QG "play negation <trump to counter>". When
             the enemy Avatar attempts to play that trump, you will
             automatically play the Negation Trump in response. You can
             change the trump to negate at any time. To not negate
             anything, tell the QG "play negation" without naming a trump.
             Once the Negation Trump has been used, it will be set to not
             negate anything. This trump is only used if it is necessary.
             For example, if the enemy Avatar fails his proficiency check
             on a success/fail trump, the Negation Trump is not used.
             Charge Time: 60 seconds    Success Chance: 100%

Protection - Sanctifies all the members of the Avatar's team.
             Charge Time: 70 seconds    Success Chance: 100%

Purify     - When this trump is used, one of the four quadrants of the
             Arena must be specified (as "nw", "sw", "ne", or "se"). That
             quadrant will be "purified" by flames of incredible power.
             All players unfortunate enough to be trapped within the
             flames will be killed by them. Enemies who are killed will
             go to Limbo. Allies who are killed will be placed back into
             the Arena (but not restored, even if they normally would be).
             The possessor of a totem can be killed by these flames, but
             he is always returned to the Arena and retains possession of
             the totem.
             Charge Time: 120 seconds   Maximum Duration: 60 seconds

Release    - Releases the specified player from Limbo.
             Charge Time: 30 seconds    Success Chance: 90%

Renewal    - The specified player is fully restored and released from
             Charge Time: 50 seconds    Success Chance: 90%

Speed      - Casts a level 33 quickness spell upon the Avatar's entire
             Charge Time: 90 seconds    Success Chance: 100%

Stasis     - Freezes all enemies except the Avatar.
             Charge Time: 20 seconds    Maximum Duration: 30 seconds

Teleport   - Teleports the specified player (who must be on your side) to
             another player's location. The second parameter must be the
             name of the person your teammate will be teleported to. The
             person to be teleported cannot be in Limbo.
             Charge Time: 40 seconds    Success Chance: 75%

tell QuestGod play negation <Trump Name> - Will play the negation trump
                                           against <Trump Name>
tell QuestGod play purify <nw|sw|ne|se>  - Will play the purify trump in
                                           the specified quadrant
tell QuestGod play Teleport <p1> <p2>    - Will teleport p1 to p2