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The goal of this quest is to seek out the ancient waters that used to spring
from below the fields of Elysium. The waters will bind a fallen hero, who, once
bound, will be forced to give you the item you seek. Astoroth and his minions
Buer and Chiron diverted the waters.

Only special vials can hold the water, which is mystical in nature and can't be
detected, except when a certain rite is preformed with a vial. You will need to
find and purchase special empty vials for this task, and fill these vials with
four different types of water. Once you have four filled vials you will then
need to seek out Artemis's Temple.

There are clues below to the spots where you can perform the rite and fill the
vials. It is up to you to figure out these locations. There are eight locations,
but you will only need one of each filled vial.

No magical words or special dances are required for the rite; all you need to do
is pour the mystic water into the vial. Once you have found the fallen hero,
pour the four vials into an empty one in front of him.

Clues to the eight locations:

"Escaping a thieves' den"
"Inside an elvish dwelling"
"The throne of an evil lich"
"Burrowing underneath an ancient temple"

"A-hidden aspect of a tower of light"
"A-faded parlor chamber"
"Beneath a swamp, inside a worm"
"By a pond of faerie"

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