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From Vryce:

What is the gameworld? I believe it is important to understand this

First of course, it is the people. Many of you do not understand this
aspect. By many, I mean the people who are always gagged, frozen, or
purged for being vulgar, rude, or disrespectful. I have seen a common
denominator in the thinking of these people. I have gotten through to a
few by explaining the gameworld to them. So here we go:

Would you go in the street and shout some obscene vulgar stuff? Would you
go to a mall and shout it? Would you go to a mall, use a megaphone, and
shout it for a while? You would be arrested if you tried. You would be in

You have to understand that when you do that stuff here, it is worse than
doing that, worse than going mall to mall all day sometimes. Sometimes
what you say here is read by just 10 people, sometimes just 50, usually by
hundreds at once, sometimes it gets to be a 'big talked about issue' and
is cut-copied-pasted all over, sometimes what you say is read by a
thousand people.

Let us continue understanding the gameworld. Medievia is a very old game,
one of the oldest of its kind. We have players that have played the game
for well over a decade. These are the people who hope to play forver and
who do the most to support the game and our unique gameworld. These are
people who are now parents. These are people who now have their children
playing the game.

These are people who see Medievia for what it is. It is a game that is
good for you in many ways, and love the fact that their kids wish to play
it. You can learn leadership here, fast reading, fast typing, priorities,
supply/demand, social lessons, bank balances and taking care of your own
money, how to be a team player, spatial memory, how to make friends, how
to lose bad friends, responsibility, ..., I could go on for a long time.
That is our mission statement and it works. If your kid is going to play
in any deep gameworld, Medievia is the one that is best for them. It is so
because we care and we want it to be so.

Do you remember when you were a teenager, say 13-15? You were a young
teenager but not yet into the 'attitude and rebellion' phase? Would you
have liked to adventure in some cave with your mom or and or your dad?
Would you have liked to go with your brother and save your dad from some
serpent? Would you have liked to have real communication with your
parents? When you play with your parents or with your kids in a graphical
game, that is cool, because you are spending time together. When you play
in Medievia it is even better because your talking, communicating, emoting
hugs and the such, and doing it with many others at the same time. This is
time well spent between parents and their children. Parents know how
special Medievia is and many are now playing with their kids. I expect
that to go on forever. Do you want to play in a game with your
grandfather, while chatting with him, while hearing from ancient players
about what he was like at your age? That is Medievia.

The gameworld, what is it? It is very old and yet it is in its infancy. It
is played by all ages, and that will always be so.

Some of you wish to curse, and be general problems to the playerbase. I am
the guy that deals with every single one of these issues. I see that many
of you just do not realize the situation. Many of you who are the problems
are not even young. The very young people are generally very respectful
and proper. The problem people are the ones who are older and trying to
relive some lost childhood by role playing as a young jack ass. Some of
you do not think that you can be funny without being vulgar, rude,
constantly sarcastic, etc.

I say to you, look around. If you were standing in line at the grocery
store behind a 13 year old girl and her dad, would you shout some vulgar
thing? Of course not. You would not dare do this. I say to you, look
around. That is the gameworld. There are more very young people playing
than any of you realize because usually the first thing parents say to
their kids is the wise advice not to tell people how old they are. Trust
me, we ARE a family game, like it or not. That is the gameworld.

Who is responsible for the gameworld? I am. Who do the parents get upset
at when idiots rule? Me. They are right. I am the one who is responsible.
When their kid is playing a game and then force fed, pretty much have to
read, some vulgar obscene lyric, joke, poem, chat, etc...I am responsible.
It is in my hands they place their kids in a way. Let me assure you I take
this more seriously than any gameworld that exists and that will not
change. I am 42. I have kids. I have a 14 year old daughter as well. I
know what the world is like and how parents just wish there was an online
place as safe as dropping their kids off at school or their grandparents'
house. That is Medievia. I am sorry if that is not for everyone. We are a
game that cares about you.

Gods can switch clans by typing a few keystrokes. I personally am always
in a clan. You never hear from me. I never say a word. I switch clans a
lot. It is how I have to do it to do a good job. There are two types of
clans in a way, ones where being vulgar-rude-sarcastic is fine, and ones
where it is not. The problem is the people in the clans who represent
adults acting like kids. They think that since it is ok to be an ass in
their clan talk that it is ok everywhere. It is not. It never will be that
way. It is not ok in public, on any message board, or any global channel.
These areas are to be treated as if you were the guy with the megaphone at
the mall. Do you understand?

What will happen later? Lets *POP* forward. Lets assume Medievia 5.1 is
done and it is indeed the best game ever made. Let us hope there is 1,000
people playing or more. The megaphone at the mall just does not even do
justice to what I am trying to get across to some people. You have god
powers here with the ability to communicate. This place is a gameworld and
a community and we have kids everywhere just like there is at the mall. I
am not sure how I could be clearer.

Can you have fun without acting like a jackass all the time? YES! Be a
leader. Lead people. Make friends. When someone uses the adventure channel
to form up for exp, load up an alt and make a new friend, that is
Medievia. You may think I am crazy. Remember that you may be here in the
future when your daughter is 13. You will think differently then. Your
daughter may think differently when your granddaughter starts to play.

The gameworld is ours. We need to take care of it. I am the judge, the
jury, and the executioner. It is not fun. Every case sucks to be honest.
This is me trying to lighten the caseload by explaining to you the
Gameworld in which you play.

Use your megaphone wisely.