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The following is from a Vryce journal on Friday the 13th, October 2006.
This journal has become our new mission statement. We will no longer allow
haters to play Medievia. Be warned, if you're a hater, we want you to go
find another game to play.


Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been 41 days since my last
journal. My sins have been ones of complacency. The game world you have
left me in charge of has evolved well over the past 16 years. We are more
than one half of the way into our next phase of existence, what we call
Medievia 5.0 here on the ground.

Father, I wish the going was easier. I sweat and I toil and work on the
latest changes to the world. It is only the faith you have in me and in
the plan for this world that keeps me going. I cannot thank you enough for
the opportunity. There are thousands of people who rely on me, my work,
and my decisions.

Father, I have never asked for much. I am now asking for advice on how to
deal with the people who live in our world. They do not understand some
things and they will not listen to wisdom. Many see the light of true
wisdom, but others resist any change, even if the change is a single new
player enjoying the world.

I have sinned the sin of complacency, and I must stop. I must change the
world, again. This prayer to you is not about our changes or plans. It is
about the people. How can I change the people?

You have left me with incredible powers to control every aspect of this
world. I can control it all through C++ programming, game rules, and
leadership. I cannot thank you enough for these powers.

It is through your divine wisdom that the people have freedom of choice.
There is a flaw that has progressed and grown into a tumor. I have been
complacent about it for a long time. The flaw is CPK and the people's
freedom of choice.

The people truly want CPK I want CPK as you know I love to kill people.
The problem is that it is one of our biggest problems. CPK affects
everything in the world, even people who do not CPK

I know you will never allow me to control the people, free will and all. I
wish you would allow me to control how they CPK for just a few months so I
can show them how to do it with honor.

The towns have all divided into towns that CPK and towns that do not.
This affects all aspects of the world, right down to affecting new people.
The towns that do CPK have divided themselves into factions of us versus
them. This affects everything they do in the world.

This division is a tumor that has grown and swallowed many aspects of what
otherwise would be a very friendly and cooperative world.

Some people come to the world you left me in charge of from other worlds.
They live here a long time and at first tell me how great the world is.
They tell me they feel like they are in heaven as this world has so many
features and things to amuse them compared to their other worlds. They
marvel at the balance and richness of the world. These players gain in
strength, learn the game and love it.

Then they eventually e-mail me and tell me that they are going back to
their previous world where people actually liked each other. They tell me
Medievia is a disgrace. New players are treated great but once they gain
strength they are sucked into this whole big us vs them problem.

Some people come to our world looking for the CPK They come and love the
world and grow in strength. They then face an us vs them mob of CPKers
that CPK them relentlessly. They get spit on. They get looted. Father, no
one has any honor anymore.

The immortal communication you had me create is a disgrace. Often it is
the CPKers telling the nonCPKers how they are somehow beneath them. New
players come to our game and think the immortal channel is for kids, it is
that bad. The CPKers do not get along with each other either. They use
this channel to explain how every CPK event is somehow classless because
of how it went down. In the old day the immortals would talk about how
much fun it was, even the ones who were looted.

Last year I gave the players a year. I said I would decide in a year to
keep CPK or not. We are now down to 5 months. Right now I am leaning
towards removing CPK completely. I know that the game would not be as
real, or as challenging, or as fun without CPK I also know the world
would grow if I removed CPK

Father, how can I lead these people when they do not listen to me?

Back in the day CPK was about honor and friendship in battle. CPK was fun.
Now it is about spitting in faces, talk of rape, and making enemies. I
fear the time when I could have fixed this has past. My complacency has
killed CPK I should have acted on this years ago. Can you forgive me?

Perhaps I can find a way to lead. I know if I had time to be mortal and
lead a clan, I could single handedly save CPK I do not have the time.
Perhaps I can help create a team of new CPK leaders. I have my doubts.
They have not listened to be for 7 months now and only 5 are left.

Back in the day we would CPK someone, then we would help them up and make
friends. If we liked them we would tell them about our clan, about CPK
and about honor and teamwork. These days there is none of that.

These days the people explain to the new CPKer how they better never enter
CPK again or it will be even worse. Then when they do not enter, they tell
them how they are scared and beneath the superior people who do CPK Talk
about a self fulfilling prophecy! This is a tumor that is out of control.

I recently asked all of the players how many of them CPKd someone and then
tried to make friends with them. The answer was none. Not one player.  Not
one could step forward with honor for battle and friendship and say, yes I
did that.

This is of course the end of CPK This very problem of CPKers vs nonCPKers
and how CPKers think non CPKers are scum. This problem of players hating
each other, and spreading hate at every turn because of CPK and how they
treat it. Their hate has filled every nook and cranny of the world. The
problem of no one helping a looted player up is a real shame. These are
the sins of the players. This is my sin of complacency.

So now I will not be complacent. I will try to tackle the problem head on,
for 5 months, and then decide to keep or remove CPK

Father, I wish I could say that I was confident, but I am not. I feel at
this rate nothing will save CPK except the people. We changed every CPK
rule anyone can think of. We added all types of CPK anyone can think of.

We proved the problem is not the rules or the world. The problem is the
people and they're free will that allows them to be total idiots towards
each other.

Father, where did the honor go?

In a perfect world, CPK would grow through friendship. In a perfect world
a new player would find Medievia and gain in strength, enter CPK and find
friendship - even through death and lootings. CPKers are not born, they
are made and no current leader is making them.

They are killing them.

The current CPK leaders are killing the new CPKers as they emerge through
new people finding the world. They kill their spirit. They kill their
desire to enter CPK They kill the game through their displaced focus. I
wish they would focus on what is fun, friendship and teamwork. Instead
they focus on enemies and spoiling fun.

Father, please guide me. Help me find a way to lead the people to save
CPK Father, give me guidance.

Father. I have never asked for anything. I now ask you to help the people
of our world see the light. Help them save CPK Please show them the way.