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modifier which will affect the speed with which a spell may be cast. You will
also notice that this stat now tweaks within a range of values. This also means
that these stats will det. EQ currently in the game has been adjusted to
reflect these changes.

New Item Type: LODESTONE This item is a type of focus for some spells. It will
display which spell and a general idea of how strong it is when identified.

New Item Type: RELIC This item type is used exclusively with the spell FORGE
OF CONVICTION When identified it will display the amount of charges that

New Item Type: TOXIN Toxins are used by thieves to IMBUE their weapons with
poisons. When identified, the affect and duration of the poison will be
displayed, as well as the imbued time on the weapon.

New Item Effect: PLANT Items with this effect can be used to create potions
and toxins using ALCHEMY Only items with this effect will work in an alchemic
reaction, even if an item has the word "plant" in its name it *must* have the
PLANT effect to work with ALCHEMY