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Usage       : cast alchemy <item>
Accumulative: No
Duration    : Instantaneous
Level       : 20 Cleric, 23 Mage
Mana Usage  : 80

This spell is used to create both potions and toxins. The spell requires an
item in which to craft the potion or toxin, as well as a mix of plants, leaves
and roots that can be found in the wilderness around the world. Note that these
reagents will have the item effect of "plant". A new botany section has
recently been opened in Castle Medievia's library.

For example: Maibelle has some plants that she found in the wilderness around
the world. She buys a curious jar from a shopkeeper and puts her reagents in
the jar. She then types "c alchemy jar" and if the recipe is true, she will
produce a new potion or toxin. If her recipe proves false, the reagents are
destroyed and Maibelle gets nothing.

Note that there is only one jar magical enough to sustain this type of

Further note: Only current class clerics and mages may cast alchemy.