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This help file is about the CONSIDER command. For information on the

Syntax: consider <monster>

This command will compare you against the <monster> and tell you your odds
of victory. The consider command takes many factors into consideration,
then provides you with two messages. The first message is the relative
difficulty of the monster compared to you, based on many factors,
including level, hit points, and spells currently cast on both you and
the monster. The second message is based on the relative levels.

Please note that many different factors affect the outcome of a battle, so
you should still exercise caution when attacking monsters.

An example on how to use this command:

Seen in room: A janitor is walking along the street, keeping the area clean.
You type:     consider janitor
Message seen: You could do it with a needle!
              A janitor is a bit more powerful than you.

The first message "You can do it with a needle" is relative to the
difficulty of the janitor. It looks at things such as your hitpoints and
spells that were cast on you (ie. armor or bless) and compares it to the
same aspects of the mob. In this instance, it is saying that your
statistics, when compared, are better than the janitor's.

The second message "A-janitor is a bit more powerful than you" is based
only on the level of you and the mob. This means that you are probably a
lower level than this mob, because it is reporting it being more powerful.