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Bloodmoon2 Chaos Trumps

All the Chaos trumps are listed here. As mentioned in the Avatar rules,
all trumps are affected by proficiency in one of three ways:
success/failure, the strength of the effect, or the duration of the
effect. The maximum strength and duration is given for each applicable
trump. The charge times for the trumps are also given.

If you have a 100% proficiency score, it doesn't mean that a
success/failure trump will always work. The 100% proficiency just means
that you have the best possible chance of making it work. The chances
given below for the success/failure trumps will apply when you have 100%
proficiency. If you have less proficiency, the trumps will work less

Banishment  - Banishes the specified player to Limbo.
              Charge Time: 60 seconds    Success Chance: 75%

Berserker   - Turns the specified Acolyte (who must be on the Avatar's
              side) into a Berserker. The Berserker immediately receives
              a restore. For the next two minutes, the Berserker cannot
              go to Limbo by dying. If he is killed, he receives a
              restore and is placed back into the Arena. Every enemy the
              Berserker kills adds 30 seconds to the time limit. When time
              runs out, the Berserker dies and goes to Limbo.
              Charge Time: 120 seconds   Success Chance: 75%

Capacitance - Turns the specified Acolyte into a living capacitor, capable
              of absorbing life energy. Every enemy the Acolyte kills adds
              one point to his "potential". He can discharge this
              potential at any time by telling the QG "discharge". Each
              point of stored potential will either restore a random
              ally, kill a random enemy, or charge up a random trump.
              Once the potential has been discharged, the Acolyte no
              longer has the power of capacitance. If the Acolyte is
              killed, he loses the power of capacitance and any potential
              he may have accumulated is wasted.
              Charge Time: 60 seconds    Success Chance: 75%

Death       - If the proficiency check succeeds, the victim will be
              instantly killed.
              Charge Time: 90 seconds    Success Chance: 75%

Drain       - Drains the charge from a trump held by the enemy Avatar. The
              name of the trump must be given.
              Charge Time: 90 seconds    Success Chance: 50%

Duel        - Starts a Duel of Champions. Both Champions will be
              teleported to a no-exit room. Fifteen seconds after the
              Duel begins, a random Acolyte from each side will be
              transferred into the room. Fifteen seconds after that,
              both Acolytes will be returned to wherever they came from,
              both Champions will be hit by either 200 points of damage or
              a level 33 dispel magic, and two more Acolytes will be
              transferred in. This will continue until one of the
              Champions is defeated. To win the Duel, a Champion must
              survive for five seconds after his opponent has been
              killed. If both Champions are killed within five seconds of
              one another, there is no winner. The winner of the Duel
              steals a victory point from the loser. Duelling Champions
              are not affected by trumps.
              Charge Time: 120 seconds   Success Chance: 50%

Freeze      - Freezes the specified enemy for a period of time dependent
              upon proficiency.
              Charge Time: 60 seconds    Maximum Duration: 30 seconds

God         - A past, present, or future god of Medievia may appear and
              do something of interest. Just like in real life, there
              isn't always a god around when you need one.
              Charge Time: 90 seconds    Success Chance: 100%

Pain        - Causes agonizing pain to the indicated enemy, doing damage
              dependent upon proficiency.
              Charge Time: 30 seconds    Maximum Effect: 500 hp

Plague      - Every seven seconds, a random enemy not in Limbo will be hit
              by level 33 plague and blindness spells, have a level 31
              dispel magic cast at everyone in the room with him, or be
              hit by a level 65 frost shards spell.
              Charge Time: 120 seconds   Maximum Duration: 120 seconds

Relocate    - Moves everyone on the enemy team from wherever they are
              (including Limbo) to a random room. There is a chance that a
              relocated player will end up in Limbo.
              Charge Time: 60 seconds    Success Chance: 100%

Slayer      - Summons the Dark Slayer from the netherworld. The Slayer
              will roam the Arena, attacking and killing anything in its
              path. If an enemy is killed, the Slayer will use the
              deceased player's life force to restore a random player on
              the side that used the trump. The Dark Slayer will return
              to the netherworld when a total of 10 people have been
              killed. The possessor of a totem can be killed by the
              Slayer, but his death does not count and is not reported. He
              is always returned to the Arena and retains possession of
              the totem.
              Charge Time: 150 seconds   Success Chance: 50%

Soul        - Each enemy will temporarily have his alignment changed to
              either -1000, 0, or 1000.
              Charge Time: 90 seconds    Maximum Duration: 45 seconds

Supercharge - This trump must be played on a trump which is already
              charged and ready for use. If the proficiency check
              succeeds, the specified trump will be Supercharged. A
              Supercharged trump can be played as often as desired, but
              has a 15% chance of exploding with each use. Supercharged
              trumps have dashes outside the asterisks on the status
              Charge Time: 150 seconds   Success Chance: 75%

tell QuestGod discharge - Will discharge your stored energy if you are
                          affected by the Capacitance trump.