The First Levels

There are several ways to learn about Medievia as you start your first character. First, when you make your character, you will be given a prompt to add your email address to our database. We do not sell our email addresses to outside sources at all, and you need to provide a real address in the event you lose your password. If you create a silly email address, it will come back to haunt you if you are ever stuck with a password problem.

Also, if a mailer goes out to all players, you will miss it.

If you are using Mudmaster, please note the @ sign needs to have a \ in front of it when adding your email address at signup.

Example: You would type syltheana\ and this would register as on the game.

You now have the option of having an email sent to you about Medievia and your first character and the game in general. This email was written by the Goddess Gamina and is a very helpful tool for learning the basics. Type 'yes' to receive it at the email address you just put in.

Next you will be told about the LEARN command. More about that below.

The game will automatically enable the ANSI color capability. If your client does not support ANSI color, once you have logged in you can type COLOR to turn it off. Medievia is a text-based game, but there are plenty of colors used to differentiate communication channels and combat from other areas. Occasionally you may also stumble across some ANSI pictures (most commonly in the staff offices in the City of Medievia).

Command Reference Guide

A quick reference guide for common commands in Medievia has been created to help get you started: Medievia Reference Guide. The file is in .pdf format. You will need a reader to view & print them. If you don't have the reader, go here to download it.

The LEARN Command

The LEARN command will help you quickly and easily learn different aspects of Medievia. A new topic is presented to you every time the command LEARN NEXT is issued.

To see a listing of topics you have not yet learned, simply type LEARN.

If you need to reference a particular topic, simply specify the topic after the command. For example, LEARN LOOK would teach you about the LOOK command.

The LEARN command allows for you to go at your own pace, while experiencing Medievia as it truly is: an open-ended, non-scripted, interactive world.

Lumond's Haven

You will now be on Medievia in the zone called Lumond's Haven for New Adventurers. This zone is specifically for levels one through twenty-five to explore and learn about the game. During those levels, you can type HAVEN and press enter to return there at any time. Read HELP GUIDE and type GUIDE to see the different areas available to you. There is no chance to level your character in Haven, only the opportunity for learning and exploring. Your patience in learning about the game and what is available to you will pay off in the end.

You can wander throughout Lumond's Haven for New Adventurers safely and find a spot alone, then read through help files (usually those mentioned in capital letters on this page) so you are not scrolled off your screen. If you type WHO and hit enter, you can see the levels of all players online, including visible gods and avatars that are available to help you. If you see AFK next to a name, it means "away from keyboard." There is a section at the end of this page about commonly used abbreviations and help files on the game.


Avatars are hero-level characters who have been hand-selected by the god staff of Medievia to help you along with your travels. If you have questions and get stuck, please type WHO -A and see the list of avatars online. You can contact an avatar by typing: telepath (their-name-here) and your message and pressing enter.

Example: telepath Applaedesia How do I buy food? (This can be shortened to: t Applaedesia How do I buy food?)

If the avatar is available, he or she will answer your question as soon as possible. If no one answers, you can try telepathing a god (a staff member). Please use the PRAY command (HELP PRAY when in the game) only for emergencies that deal with the game directly. When you pray, all the gods will see what you ask. Most answers to your questions can be found in our extensive HELP files. Example: HELP FOOD, HELP AVATAR, HELP NEWBIE, HELP LOST — if you can think of the problem and pinpoint it, you can probably type help in front of it and find a small paragraph on how to help yourself.

Your Score

Now, type SCORE and press enter. You will see something like this:

Do a [score Z] to show zone experience information
Do a [score L] to show level requirements

Cierella the Pilferess
Level 1 Thief       Age: 20 years old, and it's your birthday today.
Hit Points: 56(56)    Mana: 104(104)    Movement: 320(320)

Str: 15 Armor Class: 58
Int: 18
Wis: 18 Hitroll: 6/0
Dex: 16 Damroll: 1/0
Con: 18
Sta: 17 Quest Points: 0
Vitality: 100%Fae Magic: 0
Gold Coins: 150Practice Sessions: 35
You are carrying 4/36 items with a weight of 206/250 stones
You are neutral
Monster Kills: 0Deaths: 0
Hours Played: 0You are resting.
Summon: AnybodyPhase: Anybody
Form: AnybodyRescue: Anybody
Abbrev: OnBrief: Move

You will see the attributes on your left: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution and Stamina. To more quickly regenerate MANA and HITPOINTS, you need to make sure your Intelligence, Wisdom and Constitution are all at 18 (often referred to as "maxed"). Read HELP ATTRIBUTES for more information on which each attribute helps with. To keep these attributes at 18, you will need certain equipment. That is explained later on this page.

To see how far you are from leveling (at lower levels you just need experience points), type SCORE L and hit enter. If you read HELP SCORE, you'll see many abbreviations for your stats and how to view them. You might also want to breeze through HELP MLR before level fifteen to become acquainted with future requirements for each level.

You will level very quickly and without warning the first few times. As you gain levels, you will slow down a bit and have time to check your score and see what experience points you have left.

Casters — Mages and Clerics — have spells. Read HELP SPELLS for more information on what you'll have in store for you as your character advances. If you're a Warrior or Thief, you will have special skills. Read HELP SKILLS to learn about them in detail.

If you are debating a particular spell or skill and whether or not to practice it, type HELP and the skill or spell name for specific details about that trait. Examples of this are HELP HEAL or HELP BASH.

You will need to type PRACTICE and hit enter. You will see either spells, as noted below for a new cleric, or skills (for example: bash, kick, or secondattack for warrior, and sneak, dodge, or hide for thief).

When you type practice you will see the number of practices you have accumulated. Every level you gain, you should receive practices. Do not fret about running out of practices, as about level ten you will receive a special gift from Vryce to increase them. Read HELP SINGLE_GIFTS for more information.

Leveling the first levels

Let's get you started with your first few levels!

Type RECALL and travel south. You will see janitors, sailors, guardsmen, and several other creatures. In the game, we call these mobiles or mobs (HELP MOB). Before you attempt to kill a mob, type CONSIDER and its name to make sure you have good odds of winning the battle. An example of this is CONSIDER JANITOR. Once you have gained at least one level (you might need several kills to do this), you will automatically be enrolled in the NEWBIE clan. To engage a mob in combat, type KILL and the mob name. An example of this is KILL JANITOR.

To practice a skill or spell you can read HELP PRACTICE or follow the guidelines below.

Type RECALL (This works until level 16 only! Ask around for ways to use RECALL via spells or potions.) and then type ENTER GUILD. You will arrive at your guildmaster's room. Throughout your levels, you will visit this area to keep practicing your skills and spells.

Type PRACTICE and hit enter to see a list of skills or spells available to you.

Decide which spell or skill you'd like to learn and type PRACTICE and the name of the skill or spell. An example of this would be PRACTICE DETECT INVISIBILITY or PRACTICE SNEAK. You should keep typing this until you receive the message, "You are now learned in this area." Clerics and Mages will only have a choice of spells that their level can use to practice, while Thieves and Warriors have all of their skills available from the first level. If you are either of the latter classes, it could be very worthwhile asking an avatar which skills they would advise practicing. Some advice is given in the web page help files mentioned above. Click here to learn about all the classes in greater detail than described in this guide.

Keep going until you've used your practices (Mages and Clerics will have some left over) and have enough spells and skills to venture out and kill more mobs.

If you want to know more about the newbie clan and the basic commands for it, click here.

You have now created your character, leveled, practiced your spells or skills, and become an official player on Medievia. Please continue reading to find out more about Medievia and be sure to Take the Tourto see how your character may progress through stages that are yet to come. We hope you have as much fun over the years as we all have playing Medievia.

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