A clan, by definition, is a group united by a common interest or common characteristics. Clans in Medievia are made in very much the same way. Clans are groups of up to 50 players that help each other out and try to assist each other whenever possible.

When you join a clan, you gain many benefits. Clans give you strength by providing the chance of instant assistance, whether this be in mortal combat in a player killing area or for running a dangerous zone or any number of other things. This draws people together and binds them with a sense of family and loyalty.

Need a particular piece of equipment? Ask your clan members on your clan's chat channel with the CL command (example: cl Does anyone have a good dagger for my level?) and you may just get it. Need information about a certain game aspect? Who better to ask than friends? Medievia can be overwhelming at times, but, when you are in a clan, you can share the feeling of unity.

In Medievia clans build their own Clantowns which are fully functional areas for all to enjoy and explore. These clantowns are sometimes the target of large armies of Mob Factions. You never know what will happen in Medievia. You may just log in one night to find out that a large army of Trolls, being lead by Demons, have landed on the east coast and are heading right for YOUR Clantown.

Clans with towns have the chance to 'sister' another clan to them to form a proper town community. With a maximum of two clans in a town, and a dedicated town channel, imagine the possibilities — theoretically up to one hundred people could be listening to your plea for help and coming to your assistance. Organise town events such as trading expeditions or zone runs, compete against other towns in Towngames, find out hints and tips from experienced players, and meet new friends.

All clans can contribute to the upkeep and building of the leading clan's town and many take pride in their work there. What other game allows its players to contribute to the scenery in the way that Medievia does? A few of the more advanced games allow you to add a few rooms here or there, but we allow you to build entire cities to your desires!

Medievia is known throughout the RPG community as one of the best games on the 'net with its many features, but one of the features mentioned often is our clans.

Medievia's Clans have a special area where they can show off their Clan and Recruitment information. Check out the Medievia Clan Pages for more information about the clans and links to clans' websites.

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