The New Adventurers Guild

Upon reaching level two, you will automatically be enrolled in the New Adventurers Guild, often called the newbie clan, and below you will find some tips on talking on clan channel and other useful commands.

Tips for being in the newbie clan
  1. Do not use all CAPITALS to talk. This is similar to yelling, and you will be asked to stop.
  2. Do not curse, bash other players, or break the rules. Read HELP RULES to make sure you understand what type of behavior is permitted on Medievia.
  3. If someone cannot help you, please don't spam the channel (to 'spam' is to fill everyone's screens with lots of unnecessary information in a short amount of time — see HELP SPAM)
  4. asking over and over again. Avatars and New Player Helping gods log in and out all the time. Be patient, and your question will be handled.
  5. Unless it is for name approval, do not use pray as a way of asking general questions about the game. Ask avatars and ask everyone on the newbie clan channel.

Commands for your first clan
  • clanwhere - will tell you everyone on the channel and where they are (except gods and avatars - their location is private)
  • clanwho 50 - will tell you who is online in the newbie clan. You can type any clan number after this to see who is online in any particular clan.
  • To talk on the newbie clan or any clan, type "clan" followed by your message, then hit enter. For example: clan Hi, I'm new! :)
  • If you aren't keeping up with all the talking and ranting on the clan channel, you can either type NEWBIE to leave, or type CLAN OFF to get a break from the clan talk. Just type CLAN ON or NEWBIE again to rejoin the conversation.

You can type SHOWCLAN 50 to see which god currently leads the New Adventurers Guild.
Many gods and avatars are available for assistance. They are here to help — don't hesitate to ask questions!

Once you reach level 26, you will no longer be able to join the newbie clan. If you wish, you may join Novices of the Realm, a clan specifically designed to help players level 26 to 123.

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