Come on in, take a glimpse of what you will experience on your adventures in Medievia...

The Day of Honor, 9th day of the month of Dark Magick, year 532

I waited until my computer had booted up and began to access my ISP. While my modem clicked in the background, I dug out the piece of paper my friend had given me. Following the instructions I soon found myself downloading a client and installing it.

A few quick stabs at the keyboard were all that were needed and I found myself connecting to Medievia, the game recommended to me. After all - a game that was free was worth trying. What could it cost me? A simple menu system flashed onto my screen, just the barest essentials needed to create a character and start play. I answered these and soon was...

Lavidius the Swordpupil stood...

At the Chair of the Guildmaster From this mighty throne, the warriors' guildmaster scrutinizes all who would study in the way of the warrior. After the warrior-student has gained sufficient experience in battle he or she may come here to meet with the guildmaster who will reveal the final bits of knowledge such that the student will acquire a new skill.

Looking around I found a number of other warriors training their skills - parrying and slashing, honing their abilities. Somewhat baffled I stood to one side and watched as the Guildmaster oversaw all that occurred. One burly warrior noticed this and strode across to me.

"Hail there new warrior - you'll be needing some aid I trust?" he asked.

You nod your head.

The veteran smiled kindly and began to tell how the way of the warrior is not at all an easy one, for battles and hardship are his mainstay. Prowess at melee skills and main force at arms are the meat and drink of his trade, his robust nature and his trusty armor the methods by which he cheats grisly death. The only way to progress is by vanquishing others in battle and his skills are more than adequate to this task. The ways of the arcane are foreign to him and many of the more obscure items of magic are beyond his ken. Always at the van of battle and ever wielding his mighty implements of war, the warrior leads where others follow.

Following the veteran's lead I trained my abilities and began the adventure...

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