Medievia Mudslinger

November 14, 1999

A High Level Character's Guide to Dragon Liars -- By Myrdred

What is a Dragon Lair?

Dragons, good and evil alike, build dragon lairs in which they live in. Since they are so enormous, they need a big place to live in - dragon lairs can have up to hundreds of rooms in them, situated on different levels. The lairs are not only home to the dragon itself, but to many other creatures such as dragon hatchlings and giant wyrms - the dragon doesn't mind them living there as long as they'll leave him alone. The less fortunate who decide to attack the dragon and fail are doomed to roam the lair as undead corpses, you will meet many undead crusaders when exploring a dragon's lair. Though they are undead, it is not a good idea to mess with them - for only the strongest crusaders were brave enough to venture into the depths of a dragon lair.

Why Would Anyone Want to Hunt Dragons?

You might ask yourself why would anyone want to risk their lives and venture out into a dragon lair. There are many reasons why people decide do to such things and I will list some of them. The first reason is gold. Both good and evil dragons are rich - the evil hunt people for gold while the good take an amount of gold from you if you want them to take you somewhere far away. The second reason is to defend their part of Medievia from the evil dragons. No one wants to see fellow humans hunted and killed by evil dragons, so they set up forms to find evil dragons, and kill them - for good. Another reason is pride. After defeating a dragon you will be considered a Dragon Hunter by your fellow friends.

Further more, the dragon flights of the top Dragon Hunters fly twice as fast - the dragons do this not only to honor Dragon Hunters, but also because they fear them. After all, no dragon wants to be killed just because they were a bit slow when they were flying. For a list of dragon hunters type WHO DP, the names in red are the people that get to fly twice as fast.

Yet another reason for dragon hunting is to get some of the dragon's hide. Equipment made from the hide of a dragon is often very good equipment (no guarantees), sometimes outpassing equipment from such places as Thanos, Demonforge, or even Bloodstone.

How Does One find a Dragon Lair?

In order to set up a dragon hunt, one must first find the lair of the dragon in question. The most common way to find one is with a special dragonlair map. Bandits, Demons, Trolls, and even Kobolds often carry these maps. So when you are on a trade run, make sure to check every corpse. To look at the map just type look map, apparently using look or look doesn't work, so put all the maps in a container except the one you want to look at. Looking at the map will tell you the dragon's name, color, and will show the map itself. To get to that lair just hold that map, call a dragon and type fly map. He will take you to the lair. Another way to find a dragonlair is to walk around in wilderness and look for dragon signs (such as corpses, strong magic, and a couple of others). To find the room that leads to the lair itself, just check for an exit going down. Use brief mode and autoexit so that you will see all exits automatically when you will enter the room.

Dragonhide Equipment

Dragonhide equipment lasts only 30 days. It cannot be egged, auctioned or even dropped. To get it made you must go to a special workshop that you must find in the catacombs where a man will tell you a riddle, and if you answer it he will make your equipment. Not all dragonhide is the same. Certain colors of dragonhide give AC and saving spell, some damroll, some hitroll and some hitpoints. You will have to find out on your own which colors do what.

Dragon Points

Dragon points (DP) are points given to you when you do damage to a dragonlair dragon. The more points you have the more you are considered a real Dragon Hunter. As I mentioned before, people who have high amounts of dragon points are considered Dragon Hunters. They get a (DH) flag and their mounts fly twice as fast. Only the top 20% of heroes online with dragon points get this award. Even though people think that twice as fast is not that fast, they are wrong - while travelling at double speed, the top dragon Hunters are forced to turn on Brief to avoid being too spammed by the landscape they see.

The Dragon Lair

Every single dragon lair is NPK. It is usually made up of 3-4 levels depending on the lair, since each one is different. The first level of the lair contains level 20-30 mobs, occasionally some tougher mobs will appear like the Crusader. He is tougher then most mobs on the first level, yet if you have a nicely organized form he should be no problem. The first level might contain some cramped rooms, but the mobs are not that hard so it should be no problem. The second level is underwater so make sure to cast Breathe Water. The first time that I have been to a dragonlair I didn't know it was under water so my form went in, and there was a mob there which attacked us immediately. The fight lasted quite a while and we eventually choked from the water, and died. The second level has tougher mobs but still a strong form could handle it easily. The third level has lava rooms that burn your skin when you enter it, here you will find the toughest mobs like level 40 dragon hatchlings, but again they should be no problem for a strong form.

You will know that you are within 5 rooms of the dragon when you will notice rooms with the description "The Dragon Den." The dragon himself does an enormous amount of damage, just because he is in his lair doesn't mean he is any weaker than the dragons that you probably already met while they were attacking a clantown.

When Dragons Attack

After you have caused enough damage to a dragon he will flee and attack a nearby clantown. People from all around Medievia will come to that clantown to get dragon points. When you are there you shouldn't just walk around normally because when the dragons attack a clantown, they are aggressive - even if they are good align dragons. Instead, you must scan in every direction, or use farsight. If you can do neither of those just phase to the person who will shout for people to phase him or ask to be summoned. When everyone is ready to attack go to the room in where the dragon is after at least one big form has gone there - since you want them taking all the damage instead of you.

Miscellaneous Information / Helpful Tips

A good form to a dragonlair should be a full one (many times two forms are necessary). It should consist of level 27+ people.

Bring along many staves that sanc and those that heal. Popular sancing staves are: orbs, golden figurines, carved wooden staves, wight fingers, and even magic pumpkins. Popular healing staves are: staves of healing, red and white staves, wight fingers, ebony lyres, and even books of herbal lore.

Never underestimate the strength of the dragon. Fighting a level 99 mob isn't the same as fighting 3 level 35 mobs at the same time - these are mean mobs with attitudes to match.

Always farsight in the direction you are about to go, you always need to know what's ahead.

Don't forget to have at least 6 saving_spell - for most of the mobs in the lair, including the dragon himself, are spell casters. Saving_breath equipment will also help you a bit, but don't get too eager for this as half a huge amount of damage is still a lot.

Make sure everyone in your form has at least 500-600hp because some of the dragon's special skills do damage to everyone, not just the people in front. And even if everyone in your form does have A LOT of hp, it doesn't mean that you don't need to get healing staves.

After finding a dragonlair, make a campfire there so that it will be easy to find again via the survey command.