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O Come All Ye Mudders - by Kalevia

O come all you mudders
We're running all hours
O come you, O come you to Medievia
Come here and play it
It's got nifty stuffage
There's questage and there's egging
Xp and pking
Don't forget the trading
All in this mud!

O try all the classes
They're for all the masses
There's four but you can score all of the skills
Aim high for hero, although you start at zero
You can get a hand
By choosing your own clan
There's many on demand
It's up to you!

All hail all the features
Something here for all
Come join and find your niche in Medievia
Look at the mapfonts
Coded just for here
We have brand new serpents
For shipping with no currents
And mobs that are observent
And much, much, much more!

Based on the lyrics at - you even get music!

January 21, 2006

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