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Two Poems - by Rina

North Wind

Snowflakes are dancing with the cold North Wind.
The trees sway and gracefully bend.

His howling song is enough to send chills
But the warm hearth fire dispels all his ills.

The smell of fresh bread is carried away
By the unknowing Wind to those gone astray.

Along the snow hidden path,
Follow the scent to flee from his wrath.

The long winter's night isn't so bad
If you don't tell the wind that he has been had.

In the Ar'raedyn Desert

Far away where the sun always shines
The Winter wind does little but whine.

The South Wind rules with an iron fist
And young girls' cheeks are always sunkissed.

No snow, or ice do they feel in the air
But they do remember the holiday fare.

They decorate their sandy halls
With colorful tinsel and bright glass balls.

January 21, 2006

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