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Foreword for January 21, 2006 Edition

"Mank? Start the presses!" "Chitter?" "Yes, we have a new edition of the Mudslinger to bring to the good denizens of Medievia. Well, we'll allow the neutral and evils ones to read it as well. I've even made up a little tale of my own." "Chitter?" "No, I'm not joking. Hey, stop trying to fit between the printer's rollers..."

January 21, 2006

News and Features

~ by The Mudslinger Staff

Confessions of a Quaffaholic
~ by Benibinolo

Tips for the Intermediate Comber
~ by Vytte


Search for the Jade Monkey - Part I
~ by Tiexie

Search for the Jade Monkey - Part II
~ by Tiexie

Search for the Jade Monkey - Part III
~ by Tiexie

Just Another Hit
~ by Zelgaddis

Letters by Crazto
~ by Crazto

An Ordinary Life
~ by Anonymous

Poetry and Songs

Two Poems
~ by Rina

O Come All Ye Mudders
~ by Kalevia

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