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September 9th, 2001


The summer recess has certainly taken its toll on people sending in articles. We certainly don't need a bored Excrucior around here so keep him busy! (If you don't he just goes and writes stuff - we can't be having that).

The authorial challenge has met with no attempts to continue the tale yet. Remember that this tale is pretty much never-ending - someone has to write the third part! Try reading and see if you can continue the tale logically.

One thing we'd like to make sure everyone understands is that your submissions must be your own work. We do allow medification (modifying to a Medievian theme) of songs but blatant copying of other people's work is just not on. Remember that the readership of the Mudslinger share similar reading tastes and the chances of being caught out are high. As it says in the ingame submission guidelines, if you are caught then "things will happen."

And so on with the show...

Factual & Features


"You" by Orban. A tale of woe and despair, narrated from an interesting viewpoint.


Waverly has come up with yet another of his hilarious cartoons. Read it and weep with laughter!

Enjoy :)

The Mudslinger Staff


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