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September 9th, 2001

An Interview with Sashia - By Nykaul

The following interview is with Sashia, a member of clan 42 - The House of Swords and Magic. She is 27, but will never turn older than 29, and a medical transcriptionist. She claims her biggest life accomplishment, so far, has been her family, which she is devoted to. Her motherly instincts are carried over on Medievia, where she enjoys helping clannies and longs to be an Avatar.

I recently asked her some questions about Medievia and herself, and this is what she had to say. Enjoy.

Nykaul: When did you start playing Medievia?

Sashia: I think I created Sashia around Labor Day in September 2000.

Nykaul: What got you started playing Medievia?

Sashia: My real life husband and best friend started playing Medievia about three months earlier and I got tired of hearing about this really cool game and playing waitress to them. So I decided to create a character and make them get their own food and drinks.

Nykaul: Had you played on a MUD before you started playing Medievia, if so how did it compare?

Sashia: No I have never played another MUD. I did not even know what it was before playing Medievia.

Nykaul: What was your initial reaction to Medievia?

Sashia: I thought it was cool that I could log onto my computer at just about any time of the day and find a real person behind a keyboard there to chat with and do stuff with. It was also very cool to have something in common with the guys at my house.

Nykaul: What was it for you, personally, that made Medievia so fun and something you wanted to continue playing?

Sashia: Well at first it was the fact the three of us would sit around and play and chat about the game and such. After about two weeks I was high enough level to join a clan and was fortunate enough to enroll in 42-House of Swords and Magic. It was so great actually getting to know people and forming bonds with clannies. I would even say forming internet friendships. So for me personally it was the people behind the keyboards that made me stay in Medievia.

Nykaul: How has Medievia changed since you started playing?

Sashia: I don't think Medievia itself has changed but my perception and understanding of the game has changed, therefore the game has changed for me. I have to say you grow and learn everytime you do something new in this game. I have gone from newbie to hero to reclass. There are so many aspects I have touched on, yet so many more to explore.

Nykaul: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment on Medievia?

Sashia: I think my biggest accomplishment involves my clan. I went from Squire and worked through the ranks, (yes in 42 you have to earn rank) all the way to co-leader. I was taught by the Heroes in the clan and in return have become a teacher. I have a leadership role in my clan and do my best to represent my clan.

Nykaul: How would you describe your average day playing?

Sashia: This varies every time I log on. Anything from ressing clannies to leading forms or doing trade runs to chatting about like with one of the clannies. I am lucky to have a very good relationship with most of my clannies and we have a lot of fun together.

Nykaul: What would you say was your worst newbie experience?

Sashia: Well honestly I would have to say being cpked as a single class thief.

Nykaul: What would you say was your most memorable moment on Medievia?

Sashia: I think it was leading my first eq zone. I have a terrible sense of direction and to overcome that is a major achievement.

Nykaul: What are you looking forward to most in your Medievia playing career?

Sashia: Honestly, it is the day I see (AVATAR) in front of my name.

Nykaul: What has been your favorite aspect/feature/change in the game?

Sashia: Well the socials can be a lot of fun. Link is great for communication with other clans. I think I have to say the MLR change. They are a pain if you were used to exp only, but with the MLRs you know that person at least knows something about all aspects of the game unless they were dragged around all four classes. I also like the fact that donation eq is affordable, they make nice gifts for friends. The holiday quests are also fun, and the holiday item like roses on Valentine's day and Christmas presents.

Nykaul: What has been your least favorite aspect/feature/change in the game?

Sashia: I would have to say the losing level if cpked change. Honestly getting cpked is awful, but then to lose hero over it just kinda takes the cake. Asteroid catastrophes with falling asteroids are kinda tough also. I always seem to die more than my form. However all these things do keep the game balanced out and serve a purpose.

Nykaul: What changes do you think Medievia should make?

Sashia: Honestly I have very minimal complaints about Med. Maybe make a new type of donation item.

Nykaul: Do you roleplay your character, and if so, in what ways?

Sashia: Well, I am not sure if you can play another way then to roleplay. I would not run around killing stuff in real life. I try to portray Sashia as I am in real life, I treat people with respect and realize that there is a real human with feelings behind that keyboard.

Nykaul: Which, if any, players influenced your playing style, and your character?

Sashia: Silinar, Kerovnia, Miacova and Skybolt. There are many more who have influenced me, but these players have been there since the beginning and therefore had more of an influence then anyone else I will meet.

Nykaul: When you finally reached Hero was it everything you thought it might be?

Sashia: When I was single class I looked up to heroes. They had conquered all and became hero. When I hit dual class I started to learn from some of them and honestly never thought I would make it. When I hit triple class I was told by a hero mentor that the only difference between me and hero was attitude and the fact that I have to eat and drink. Hero is great, I love all the bells and whistles that come from the combination of all four classes. I may regret saying this but I actually enjoy the IMM channel, when I reclassed, I missed that the most.

Nykaul: Do you feel Heroes should look out for, and help, lower level players?

Sashia: Sure, I think that Heroes have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to offer. If you see someone dead res them. If you can help it is always nice. I will say though that there are a lot of Hero activities that we enjoy doing as a group and it is always nice when the lower level player says thanks rather then expecting a hero to help them. Honestly sometimes they also need to count on each other rather than a hero.

Nykaul: Some heroes claim boredom after reaching the level of hero. Do you have any opinions on what should happen to a player, if anything, after hero?

Sashia: Well I can understand why heroes get bored, all through the levels and classes you needed exp to get another level. Once you hero, you don't need exp any more. Then you have to focus on the next goal or accomplishment.

Nykaul: Do you feel you are treated differently by other players because of your gender?

Sashia: In my experience I have received a lot of offers from male characters offering eq, help with exp or running zones in exchange for joining their clan or "spending time with them". I pride myself in the fact that I have gotten where I am without using my gender. I am not sure I would have received these same offers if my character was male gender.

Nykaul: Would you say there were any advantages or disadvantages to being a female on the game?

Sashia: Yes I think there are advantages to being a female if you choose to pursue them. I also sense a bit of the ol boys club effect which is a disadvantage to females.

Nykaul: What would you say was your biggest life accomplishment?

Sashia: I am still young, so I can not say for sure what my biggest life accomplishment will be in the end, but at this point in my life it is my family, a career will always be there but you only have so much time with your kids before they are off and finding their own lives.

Nykaul: If you were forced to quit Medievia this very second, what would you want people to remember about you?

Sashia: Wow, if I had to quit Med I would go through withdrawals. I would want people to remember the fun that we had and the friendship.

Nykaul: What do you think people WILL remember about you?

Sashia: I think they will remember the fun, the friendship, the great conversations and that in the game, even if we did not succeed in what we set out to do we did succeed in having fun.

Nykaul: If you could have any Medievia spell or skill in real life, what would you want and why?

Sashia: This one is tough. I would have to say c charm person would be my favorite and most usable spell.

Nykaul: How did you come up with the name 'Sashia' and what does it mean, if anything?

Sashia: Sashia is a name I had had around for a long time. I love that name and have considered changing my real life name to Sashia.

Nykaul: What two items are guaranteed to be found in your fridge?


1. Soda
2. Some type of chocolate

Nykaul: If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what would they be?


Good humored

Nykaul: List five things that MOST people don't know about you!

Sashia: I would like to thank Sashia for her honesty and openness in her answers. It was an interesting and fun interview.

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